Are You Listening to the New Podcast from The Old Schoolhouse®, Mama?

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Hey, Mama! Have you heard? There’s a brand new podcast for homeschoolers. It’s called the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show, and it’s one more way The Old Schoolhouse® is uplifting homeschoolers. Listeners from around the world are tuning in to the podcast designed just for mamas like you. Every Monday, a new episode releases. Each connects you to the best conversations that will give you courage and fill your cup so you can keep pouring into your family in your beautiful world of homeschooling.

Who are the hosts of the new podcast? Each of our hosts is a familiar face in The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, The Homeschool Minute, The Canadian Schoolhouse, and other areas of  TOS. You’ve read their work, and now you get to hear their voices—voices that are easy to

listen to and will speak to your heart on homeschooling. Deborah Wuehler lovingly shares her thoughts and experiences gathered from over thirty years of home education. She has raised seven homeschool graduates and continues to homeschool her youngest through high school. Stephanie Morrison homeschools her boys in Canada, as does Christine Weller, whose kids are a little younger. Each month you can expect to hear an episode from each of our hosts. They bring unique perspectives and ideas as they all speak from different stages of homeschooling, but each has her eyes on the Lord. Gena Suarez and Heather Vogler will stop in on select episodes to bring you the best of The Old Schoolhouse®. You’ll hear interviews with friends of The Old Schoolhouse® from time to time too.

Discover a variety of helpful and thought-provoking recent topics on the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show:

Here’s a fun fact about the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show: each week our podcast will cover the same topic as The Homeschool Minute. You can listen to the podcast on Mondays and expect even more on that same topic when you read the newsletter on Wednesdays. (Sign up to receive The Homeschool Minute.)

At The Old Schoolhouse®, we’re all homeschooling parents (or have homeschooled), so like you, we know well that time is precious. We’ve taken care to time each episode just right for busy homeschool moms like you. Listen in while you’re folding the laundry, prepping a meal, or any time you need a lift.

Right now, we’re spreading the word about the most recent episodes, but did you know there are already over a dozen uplifting episodes of the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show? Go ahead and binge-listen, or look through the topics at and pick whichever ones speak to your homeschool heart. Do you need a plan for when mom is exhausted? Do you have a teen rebel? What about when math brings tears? Do you have a ready response for questions about socialization? We’ve recorded well-loved episodes on all of those topics. 

You can listen and subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts, or you can connect at That’s where you’ll find the show notes—full of carefully gathered articles and resources available to you through The Old Schoolhouse®—for every episode. Leave your comments or start a conversation about the topic right there. We also welcome your questions about our new podcast at

If you like what you hear on the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show, tell your friends about our brand new podcast and subscribe. Tune in on Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts. Keep listening as we keep the encouragement coming! There are more carefully selected topics planned for you this summer. Watch for episodes on teaching writing, preparing for life after homeschooling, spelling, preschoolers, organizing, and more.

The Old Schoolhouse® is delighted to offer the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show podcast as a brand new way to uplift and encourage homeschoolers around the world. Hey, Mama? We’re glad you’re homeschooling—and so are your kids! We’re thankful to be part of your beautiful world. 

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