10 Fun & Inexpensive Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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father's day

father's day


Father’s Day will be here before we know it so let’s gather our supplies together, make a plan, and create something spectacular for the man of the hour! Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with these fun and inexpensive Father’s Day gift ideas. Dad is sure to love these gifts!

  1. We’re Nuts About You, Dad: Snap a photo of your children and print it out. Create a large frame around the photo using wood, cardboard, or cardstock. Paint the frame. Once the frame is dry, write We’re Nuts About You, Dad! Find a dozen nuts (removed from the bolts) and hot glue them onto your frame! If your kids are older and don’t mind the extra step, have them spray paint the nuts several different colors before attaching.
  2. I Love You to the Moon and Back: Use a large, navy-blue piece of poster board to create a card that Dad will treasure. Print out the words (or cut out the letters) for I Love You to the Moon and Back from white cardstock. Then collect a dozen or more random family photos. Glue the photos onto the poster board in a collage-format so that it appears to be in the shape of a crescent moon. Attach the saying to the poster board.
  3. Grill Master Apron: If your children are on the younger end, purchase a plain white apron and write Grill Master in a creative font using a permanent marker. Have your children decorate with their handprints using acrylic paint. Once the paint has dried, use a permanent marker to write your children’s names under their handprints. If your children are older, look for an apron pattern online and have them sew their own.
  4. Personalized Grilling Tools: If you were planning on purchasing grilling tools for your husband anyway, why not have your children personalize them? Be sure to purchase ones with wooden handles. Using acrylic paints, have your children design, sign, and embellish the handles of the tools.
  5. The World Needs S’more Dads Like You: Your children will love creating this s’more-themed gift basket! Simply use or purchase a basket and fill with all the goodies required for making s’mores (marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars). Create a fancy label to attach to the front of the basket that says The World Needs S’more Dads Like You. Be sure to have your children sign their names and draw on the label as well!
  6. Edible Tackle Box: Using a small, inexpensive, plastic tackle box, fill with edible treats related to fishing. Fill each compartment with a different treat! Place rainbow gummy worms in one compartment, root beer flavored gummy worms in another, Swedish fish in another, gummy fish in another, goldfish crackers in another, and sour worms in yet another. Be sure to have your child create a card to attach to the top of the tackle box!
  7. You Rock, Dad: Search your yard or local park for smooth rocks that would be perfect for painting. Have your child create a family of rocks using acrylic paints. Neatly display them in a decorative cardboard box. Write on the inside of the lid You Rock, Dad! Then have your child decorate the outside of the box.
  8. For the Bookworm: If your husband is a reader, try making these creative bookmarks. First, take a picture of each of your children while they are holding their hands straight into the hair with their hands clasped together. Then, print the photos out on cardstock or photo paper. Cut out the images of your children so all you have are the pictures of your children, no background images. Make a hole at the top of the pictures with a hole punch. Tie a piece of ribbon through the hole. You now have a bookmark (or set of bookmarks) that looks like your children are hanging from the pages of the books!
  9. One Smart Cookie: If your child is a fan of the basic chocolate chip cookie, let them bake up a storm. Let them bake a dozen or so cookies for Dad and have them put it in a plain white gift bag. After decorating the gift bag with stickers, markers, and a whole lot of love, attach a card that says Dad, You’re One Smart Cookie!
  10. Puzzle-Piece Picture Frame: Before you throw away any puzzles that have missing pieces, consider upcycling them into a picture frame for Dad! Paint the pieces a variety of colors and attach them to an old or inexpensive frame. Add a family photo and you have a perfect Father’s Day gift idea!

father's day

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