This Momentary Gain

  Snap-Chat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: how on earth did we survive before these marvels of technology? A recent survey showed a high percentage of millennials (roughly ages 18-30) actually believe that free WiFi should be a Constitutional right; one wonders what Alexander Hamilton, President Washington, and John Adams would think of this result of

Five Step Plan for Independent Study

independent study
  One of my goals in homeschooling is to encourage my children to become lifelong learners. I desire that my kids pursue their interests and learn continually throughout their lives. Completing an independent study is a great way for students to learn about something outside of their regular curriculum or to expand on a topic

Mediocrity and Me

serve God
  I have a confession. I am mediocre. I’m not famous or fabulous or fearless. My name will not be remembered by many or my work held up as an example of excellence to the next generation. I’m just me. Those who know me best would tell you I’m kind, creative, loving, and sometimes funny.

How You Can Start A Low-Key Co-op

homeschool co-op
  Several years ago, the homeschool mothers in my area sensed a need to spend more time together; but none of us had much time to spare. If we were going to form a group, it would have to compliment our homeschooling efforts without hindering them. It could not consume a large portion of our

Love Versus Hearts and Candy

valentine's day
  February is an odd little month. It’s obviously shorter than all the rest and has that extra “r” that nobody pronounces . . . but makes you sound as if you have a speech impediment if you do try to say it in conversation. Then there’s the overabundance of pink and red hearts, teddy

Teaching Kindness Through Community

  Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge fan of Fred Rogers. Yes, the “Mister Rogers” who lit up children’s television screens for 31 seasons, during the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Mister Rogers greeted his television family in his work suit and tie to quickly change into a sweater and lace-up
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, “God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too wise to be unkind. When you can’t trace His hand, that’s when you must learn to trust His heart.” —Charles H. Spurgeon See that, Mama? That’s where faith and belief come in. So, you can’t really “see” Him lately, you say. It’s

9 Great Ways to Use the Library

library in your homeschool
  I have always had great love in my heart for the library. Long before I was grown and had a family of my own, a weekly trip to the library was the adventure I took with my mom, little brother, and sister. The librarians knew my name! There were books about everything—books about a

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