Making Goals for 2018

homeschool goal
  Every December I sit down and pray about focusing on a certain character trait or attribute that the Lord would like me to work on for the new year. Last year my word was Faithfulness. It was a tough year in many aspects, but during the storms I could see my faith grow because
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, I heard something about you that is pretty incredible.

 You have gone through storm after storm. Trial after trial. Pain after pain.

 But in the midst of it, you continue to bless others. You not only do the “bare minimum” with your kids (keeping them healthy, secure, educated, fed, and happy) but

Winter Backyard Bird Watching

bird watching
  Winter is a wonderful time for children to observe the beauty of creation through the nature around them. With only a little effort this can occur right in your own backyard. I usually prefer to enjoy winter’s beauty from inside my warm home. Just outside the window of my office stands a large maple

Vacation, Homeschool Style

summer vacation in the winter
  We school our children year-round. When they were young, it was so much easier to keep up math and grammar and spelling lessons all the way through the year. I noticed that both my children tended to forget math facts if we took a summer break along with the rest of the neighborhood of

Regaining Homeschool Joy

homeschool rut
  Have you ever found yourself in an emotional homeschool rut that carried on for a few months? Some might call it depression because things aren’t going as planned and the children aren’t cooperating. Others might label this as anxiety because you’re nervous about continuing this journey since it can be a bit overwhelming at

Overcoming the Winter Slump

swing of things
  Do you struggle to get back into the swing of your homeschool routine after Christmas? Do all of the festivities (and sugar) leave your kids less than cooperative? Does the dreary, dark, cold weather zap your motivation to get going and make the most of your days? I have this struggle every year and

The Joy of Jigsaw Puzzles

jigsaw puzzle
  1. Puzzles keep busy hands occupied during read-aloud time! 2. They can be toyed with while watching documentaries—depending on the doc. 3. They could be manipulated during memory drills. 4. They can be exploited as learning tools: puzzles of birds, butterflies, and even the elements are ample on Amazon (One film student completed a

Joy: The Second Skimmings

  December 26: for many it’s one of the most mundane days left on the calendar. No more shopping, no more baking, and no more rushing about finding last minute gifts. New Year’s day activities play second fiddle to a well-deserved nap—after all, with everyone glued to their new toys and electronics, the quiet beckons

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