Tis the Season for Suspicion

choice to homeschool
  Ah, the holidays! As a homeschooling parent, I have mixed feelings about holiday get togethers. It is nice to see the relatives, but it is a mixed bag. Since my sister is a public-school teacher, I have not been able to speak freely about my life with my children for years. One year, right

Slowing Down and Finding Margin

enjoy the holidays
  We homeschooling mamas are a unique bunch. We are each vastly different individuals, but we often struggle with the same challenges. One of the top challenges I have battled with, and see others battling with is our seeming inability to slow down. Somewhere, somehow, we have this idea that we need to be Super

The Greatest Gift

christmas season
  The air is getting colder, trees are starting to become bare, and darkness comes sooner each day. What does this mean? It means winter is approaching. But not only that, it means Christmas is coming soon. This is the time of year people check their shopping lists to make sure they have the best

Activities That Earn Scholarship Dollars

college application
  Don’t Miss These Scholarship Dollars This is my first round of college admissions. I have been surprised at the amount of college dollars available to my kids from the colleges they have applied to. Merit and Athletic Scholarships have covered a large part of our kids’ college costs. There are grants and scholarships for

Homeschooling Through an Academy

homeschooling through an academy
  Many homeschoolers seek accreditation through an academy to provide themselves with some comfort in knowing their homeschool program is legitimate; but after homeschooling through an academy for seven years, we now homeschool on our own, and I would like to share our story. My husband graduated from the public school system; but I graduated

Hey Mama Monday

Hey Mama
  Hey (brokenhearted) Mama, Just stopping in today because I heard you were anguishing and in tears. It’s the same old thing again, isn’t it? You never thought it would take so long. What good does it do, this dreadful waiting? Why?! You’re at the end of your rope. No more patience. No more waiting.

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Christmas celebration
  What do you think of when you hear the word “Christmas”? Do you think of time with family or presents under the tree? Does it make you anxious or joyful? Are you reminded of why we celebrate this special day of the year? Christmas used to be a time of stress for me. I

Artist Moms

artistic pursuits
  For all those “Artists Masquerading as Moms”: Has your artistic side been lost in the shuffle? Have you allocated the “artist in you” to the back burner in order to accomplish your daily duties? Over our many years of homeschooling, I have created courses to stimulate my mind with the arts while supporting my

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