Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, Just wanted to stop in and deliver a quick message as I run out the door. It’s ironic. I don’t know; I just found it funny and had to tell you. You know how you have been kind of down on yourself about certain things lately? You look at your friends (and

Kids, Crayons, and Christ: A Vlog Journey

  Often, when we think of teaching art to our kids (myself included), we find the task daunting, messy, and—if we’re honest—a little unnecessary. This is an embarrassing confession coming from me, an art school graduate whose husband teaches art and develops art curriculum for a living. Yet, here I am, still struggling to teach

Incorporating Nature Study

nature study
  If you’re like me, nature study can be something that sounds great but never seems to happen. However, I find that if anything, we have to be intentional about making it happen. Today, I’m sharing some ideas to help you get ready for spring and the beauty that it brings. 1-Journal: Have your students

Is Technology a Good Thing?

digital technology
  In the past few years, a lot has been reported about the use of digital technology (iPads, smartphones, electronic games) by children at home, as well as in elementary and secondary schools. I’ve recently experienced this with students and have subsequently begun to research it further. Here are a few things I’ve found: Number
  Homeschooling can be an all-encompassing, completely engrossing activity. Since you homeschool as well, I am sure you agree with me. Honestly, weren’t those first months of homeschooling the hardest of all? When I first began homeschooling my children, I was at it from before dawn until nearly midnight. Dinner suffered, the vacuum cleaner languished

What Every Pre-Schooler Needs

  Even in homeschooling, many preschool curriculums and learning resources focus on early reading skills, such as learning the alphabet and letter sounds. Some include basic math activities such as counting to 100 and single digit addition up to 10, sometimes not even using pictorial representations of numbers. Preschool curriculums for homeschoolers often have weekly
Hey Mama
  Hey, Mama, your brow is furrowed again. I look at you and see the worry lines, and I want to reach out and smooth them away. I’m sorry about this season of life you are going through; I know it’s just HARD right now. But God is working here; He is building character in

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