To the question, what are the qualities of an aspiring architect, one might answer, mathematical finesse, while others might suggest geometrical passions. The gift of playing with blocks, Legos or puzzles or understanding the world in multiple dimensions. I agree, but my experiences suggest that one of the most qualifying qualities of a budding

Part 1: Why Architecture?

  Right after using my life to serve our Heavenly Father and my family, Architecture and Art are my passions. Playing artist or architect gives one a glimpse of the heart of our Creator. He created our bodies with multiple systems which work together to form each highly developed but unique person, animal or plant;

So Much More!

homeschooling and public schooling
  At first, I thought nothing of putting my children in classes offered outside of the homeschool groups and co-ops. If we found something, they enjoyed and would benefit from, I pursued it. It wasn’t until almost half way into our first year at a dance studio that someone said, “Oh, you’re homeschooled?” It had

Priorities in Place

Biblical order for our priorities
  As homeschool moms, we have so many responsibilities — wife, mother, teacher, chef, maid, nurse, banker, chauffeur; seamstress — this list could go on and on. With so many needs around us each day, we could use a biblical system for keeping our priorities in place. Genuine peace and joy come when we follow

Teaching Life Skills

teach your kids life skills
  A few years ago I needed to have outpatient surgery. As a homeschool mom with two young daughters, I worried how daily household chores would get done. Thankfully the surgery was scheduled during summer, which meant I did not have to concern myself with math, history, or other “core” curriculum. However, I still needed

The Family Table

Turn Your Table Into The Family Time Zone
  My fondest memories as a child are of sitting around our family table. It didn’t matter if we were eating a meal or playing a game, it was a place where we could be together and enjoy talking and laughing. I always felt happy sitting there with my family. When I began having a

Parenting Without Emotions

don't let your emotions control you
  Children of any age seem to generate the most advantageous, and also the worst parenting emotions. Without realizing, our voice becomes louder, our body starts to tighten, and breath shortens, and we have just engaged in a round of emotional exhaustion for ourselves and our child. To disengage oneself from swirling in a pattern

The Battle of the Wants

give your kids what they want
  In our media driven society, being the right kind of mom is impossible. Feed your kids the healthiest food, but don’t go overboard and be that mom who always asks about ingredients. Don’t let your children dictate your life, but listen every time they have something to say! It is such a struggle to

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