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His Vessel Algebra I Textbook

His Vessel Textbooks

At first sight, the His Vessel Algebra I textbook is like any other math book, except that it quotes 1 Corinthians 3:16 (“You are God’s holy vessel”) and says “biblically-based math” on the cover. But when you dive into the content, you will find Bible truths sprinkled throughout the book.

In Mrs. Carroll’s definitions of mathematical terms, she uses faith-centered mnemonics and encouragements all over the place. For example, when talking about Absolute Value in chapter 1, students are first told the definition of an absolute value number (distance from zero; no negatives). Then she says: “Isn’t it wonderful that God loves you so much that He sees your Absolute Value through Jesus Christ? You have Absolute Value.”

His Vessel Algebra I covers all the main topics you would expect from an algebra curriculum: expressions to equations, graphing to statistics, exponents to the quadratic equation, etc. The lessons are included in the book so your student can read and study the information to learn it. If a topic is challenging for your child to understand, they can also go to the His Vessel YouTube channel for video lessons.

This fully formed high school algebra curriculum is a giant book, hardcover with over 550 pages. It will get your student the Algebra I credit they need for graduation but with a strong faith-based backbone that you will not find in any other math book anywhere.


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