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CalcuPak 1 and CalcuPak 2 Review by Jacquelin Caffey

School Made Simple
15457 NW 140th St
Newton, KS 67114

Math drills…you either love them or hate them. Let’s face it, learning math facts is a tedious, yet necessary process for all children. The Calculadder math drills from CalcuPak have got you covered to get those pesky facts memorized quickly and painlessly. Calculadders were designed in the early 80’s by Dr. Edwin Myers and his beloved wife, Nellie. Together, they have raised 12 children and are just beginning to enjoy the benefits of grandparenthood.

The Calculadder drills are emphasis at teaching finger counters to become number crunchers. Now, these same great programs of the past are available to run on Windows and Mac operating systems. Finding and printing the drills you want and need is quick and easy. No more searching through folders, now it is all at your fingertips in one window so you can print drills, answer keys, and or achievement records at the touch of a button in the quantity you need.

For this review we received the CalcuPak 1 and CalcuPak 2 sets. CalcuPak 1 includes CalcuLadder 1, 2, and 3, that covers basic and advanced addition, subtraction, and multiplication drills. Basic division drills are also covered. Also included is the ReadyWriter program that teaches stylus skills and basic penmanship. CalcuPak 2 includes CalcuLadders 4, 5, and 6, plus AlphaBetter. CalcuLadders 4,5,and 6 cover drills on long division, deci­mals, estimating, fractions and mixed num­bers, per­cents, English and Metric units, and geometric concepts. AlphaBetter teaches alphabetizing and dictionary skills through multiple drills.

Getting started with CalcuPaks is as easy as selecting what area you want to focus on and then printing the answer keys. Timing your students through the program with the CalcuClock is super easy too. Just enroll your students within the program go. You can time up to five students at once and each student can be working on a different drill if needed. As each child finishes their drill, click your mouse to stop the time and then the CalcuClock automatically calculates the Speed Quality Score for each student tested. Detailed instructions are given within the program on timing.

I have children in multiple areas of math drill competency so using both CalcuPak 1 and CalcuPak 2 was easy in our family. I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate this program! Our current math program provides daily math fact instruction but both of my elementary daughters prefer the CalcuPak sheets. My 1st grader is using CalcuPak 1 working on her addition and subtraction facts while my 4th grader is sing CalcuPak 2 working on fractions. The ReadyWriter program has been great for both my 1st grader and my PreSchool Prep toddler who enjoys working on school during the day. Both girls have also been working through the AlphaBetter drills. These drills are easier for my older daughter but my 1st grader is getting better and better each day with practice.

Overall, we have had great success using both of these programs in our homeschool and will continue to use it for many years to come. The ability to print drill sheets is priceless in my book. The fact that my girls are racing to get their facts down, yet having fun learning is so great to me. I definitely recommend that you check these out for your own family and see if it is a fit. You have nothing to lose but missed math facts.

—Product review by Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2016