Virtual Family Retreat for Homeschoolers

A Live Event that Happened November 16-19, 2021

You can still enjoy the event on your own time. Break up your routine with a homestyle family retreat! The Canadian Schoolhouse’s virtual family retreat for homeschoolers, “Let’s Stay H.O.M.E.,” will renew you in God’s plan for your family and in your commitment to home education.

The whole family has a place in this retreat. Watch the four days of daily inspiration, family activities, lots of resources, and exciting giveaways. The digital resources shared each day are available below the videos along with time stops for each segment and some additional bonuses.

Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need to be encouraged and strengthened in your family life!

Let’s Stay Hopeful: Hope in the Family

Hope rises in the family when we spend time together, encourage each other, and witness each other mature.

Let’s stay hopeful, even when we’re in those valleys of life! By living the educational life with our children we deepen the parent–child relationship and put our confident hope in God’s plan for them. Through the ups and downs of parenting, hope is how we overcome.

Agenda for Let's Stay Hopeful - Day 1

00:25 - Welcome, Agenda Review & Announcements

06:24 - Scripture (Romans 5:1,2) Hope in Family

07:00 - Devotional

22:37 - Kids Spot

34:09 - Pillar Talk - Hope for the Family

1:07:35 - Giveaways

1:10:40 - Q & A and Closing

Let’s Stay Open: Knowledge for Life

Parents want their children to have a lifelong love of learning. Parent-led education is the way to ensure that our children know learning isn’t just something you do in a specific building; it is essential in daily lifeeven into adulthood. 

Family Retreat Agenda for Day 2

00:00 - Welcome, Announcements, Agenda review

06:57 - Scripture (Proverbs 18:15)  Knowledge for Life

15:31 - Storytime - Esther the Chosen Bride

32:12 - Devotional / Praise 

43:30 - Pillar Talk - Open to Learn

1:13:12 - Giveaways

1:17:18 - Q & A and Closing


By Anita Mills
With a heart if gratitude I come to You
Jesus, You’re the light that brings me truth
All I have is Yours and what You’ve given me
Is all I need to live, to breathe, to see

How could I not say thank you
When You gave your life for mine
there is so much more I have
Yet to find
Jesus, Your goodness is the peace my heart is craving
I am holding to Your truth and I am thankful

In the darkness I know You still have the answers
With any doubt I face in You I will not waiver
In my life i have only sown the smallest seed
Yet by Your love it has become a fruitful tree

Let’s Stay Mindful: Faith that Passes All Understanding

The hearts and minds of our kids need to be protected from, and prepared for, this world. It is difficult to train our children in the way they should go if we do not have full control of what they are being taught.

Parents educating their children are able to adjust how they are learning and what they are learning as maturity and life circumstances change. Curriculum is easy to come by and there are varieties for every learning style. There are a vast number of companies whose mission is to help parents educate their children. You don’t need to know how to teach, you just need faith that you will be equipped by God to train them up for His plan for their life!

Agenda for Let's Stay Mindful Day 3

Fall Harvest: Where’s the Fruit?  By Deborah Wuehler

An article published on The Canadian Schoolhouse about Viola Desmond:  Viola Irene Desmond - Her Legacy Our History

00:00 - Welcome, Announcements, Agenda review

09:50 - Devotional / Praise

23:55 - Storytime

40:25 - Pillar Talk - The Purpose of Christian Education

1:21:43 - Giveaways

1:24:50 - Q & A and Closing

Let’s Stay Eternal: Securing the Future

We want our children to have a good future; to be successful in their relationships, careers, and in their commitment to God. Learning is for life. Learning is for this earthly life and the eternal life with Jesus.

We can’t direct the paths of our children with the same impact after they are out on their own, but while we’ve got them under our care, we need to be the ones to raise them and not let the ways of this world be their main influence.

Let's stay eternal Agenda Day 4

Strengthening the Homeschool Marriage and Family Expo  (audio file)

The Familyman - Todd Wilson (Podcast host of The Familyman Show: Podcast for Dads and many other titles) 

00:00 - Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Review

05:25 - Devotional

19:02 - Kids Spot

34:02 - Pillar Talk - The Purpose of Christian Education

1:34:10 - Giveaways

1:40:45 - Q & A and Closing

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).