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The Joy of Teaching–do you have it or have you lost it? 

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Mercy Every Minute   
The Wuehler FamilyHow do I get out of this slump? I’ve lost the joy I once had. Where do I find it? Looking back, the times I’ve lost my joy are the times that I’ve been worn out physically, hungry spiritually, or things are frustrating or nagging me. Let’s look at these areas very briefly:




A little rest helps the body immensely. When you can, take power naps with the little ones, and get to bed at a reasonable time. Ask for help from others (homeschooled teens are a good resource). Sometimes we need exercise to increase energy–go for a walk with the kids or your husband. Refresh everyone by going to the park. While the kids play, you catch up on your reading list (The TOS App  is free and goes wherever you go!)



Are things nagging you? Make a list and take care of one or two each day. Delegate what you can. Take a day off every two weeks to get things back in order. Organization is not a one-time goal; a little bit of daily organizing keeps things from piling up. If it’s too late, tackle the piles 20 or 30 minutes a day.


Are your children regularly disobeying or purposely slow? A little bit of consistent training (not yelling or berating–just intentional training) goes a long way towards peace.



Eat right. Cut out the bad carbs and eat more protein and veggies. Your body and mind will wake up. Most importantly, eat Godly bread throughout the day and you will be strengthened. Find a prominent spot in the house to place a verse and then think about it all day long. For example, let’s meditate on the following verse by breaking it into three parts:


You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalms 16:11  

  1. You will show me the path of life: Nothing and no one is able show me the path for my life or for the lives of those around me except God. I can read books or blogs, talk to friends, purchase the right curriculum, but ultimately it is God alone who will show us His path, the reason we are here, and how to live. If I am lacking direction, I have probably begun to walk in my own understanding instead of seeking His.
  2. In Your presence is fullness of joy: Nothing else and no one else can bring me joy. I can look for joy in many things, but will only find it in one thing: the presence of the Lord. I can look for joy in material wealth, or physical healing or close relationships. I may hope for joy in dreams fulfilled or just in the lack of chaos. But I will never find fullness until I am in His presence. It’s not about the things in this life that have to come to me in order to bring joy. It’s not about the things in this life that have to leave me in order to have joy. It’s all about me in the presence of God and the presence of God in me!
  3. At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore: I tend to seek pleasure away from closeness with God. I am prone to wander and look for pleasure in earthly things or people. I think I will find it in time to myself and by myself. Pleasure is found at the right hand of God. Stay close to Him. A wandering heart will only find pain and loneliness and confusion. Wander right back to Him. We can sit in the heavenly places with Christ even if we are on this earth as we fix our hearts, souls and minds on Him; He is our pleasure.

When we dwell in the presence of God, we hear Him whisper His direction for life; we find our dreams and pleasures fulfilled, and we experience the fullness of joy! There’s no place I would rather be, and I will bring my kids there with me as I keep them Home Where They Belong.




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