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Are there creative ways to teach math and science?
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Mercy Every Minute   
The Wuehler Family

Creative science and math? I am not that creative. But I have found that science and math often go hand in hand. Kids love science experiments, and they often have elements of math included, such as amounts and percentages and time. And, math will often include scientific data such as graphs and estimates. Teaching these things should not be difficult, so do not fear if you are not creative in these areas! In fact, you can even teach your kids
chemistry and physics without fear.
But, how is this creative? If we look at our Creator, we see His creativity in both science and math and how they are interrelated. Just look at the
order and wonder of the Fibonacci Numbers here.  And here is an article on being creative with
math and science in the kitchen! I love covering two subjects at once and including food! Definitely a win-win!
Another win is
teaching math with games! There are so many games available that teach math skills. A simple google search for easy math games will bring up a treasure trove. You can also find a treasure of
math related articles for all of your homeschool years in our
digital back issues which are free of charge.
What if you don’t like math, but have to teach it?
Here’s how to do that. And, what if you don’t have a science lab at your house? Here’s a cool site where you can have a
virtual science lab in your own home.
The real joy of it all is that we have our own children in our own homes, under our own care, in our own kitchens, and around our own tables. Our “school” has the best classroom ever: it has comfy couches and trees and forts for reading in; it even has an awesome kitchen where we can either do fun experiments or make delicious food together. Who else has a school like that where science and math are taught in such creative ways?
And, think of the freedom at our own little schools! Our kids are free to go to the kitchen without a permission slip, and to the restroom without a hall pass, and they are free to plant a garden in the spring just because they want to, and they are free to paint a masterpiece if the fancy hits them. They are free to go as far and fast as they can in both math and science. Or, they are free to take it more slowly. We moms are also free to speak about the mighty wonders of God with them … when we sit in the house, when we walk by the way, when we lie down, and when we rise up (Deut. 6:4-7). Our children are free to sing praises in the living room and dance in the dining room; free to laugh in the hallways and pray in the bedrooms; they are free to be
Home Where They Belong.


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Raising Real Men    

It seems like math is the big bugaboo for a lot of homeschool children. They drag their feet, they hate it, and it takes forever. Science is a favorite among kids, but the moms would just as soon skip it, and often do. Does it have to be that way? Not at all!

Motivate kids by connecting math to the real world. Why should they care how to calculate area? But, if you’re going to buy paint to paint your schoolroom, you’ve got to know how many square feet you need to cover. Calculate the area of each wall and subtract the area of each door and window. Show them that math is something they are really going to need!

Make math easier by helping them learn the facts well. It’s amazing how motivated our guys get to do factsheets when everyone who beats their personal best time gets a treat. It doesn’t have to be anything big, they just want to win! I love The Math Worksheet Site because I can easily generate worksheets that are different every time (so they can’t just remember the answer pattern). Keep them going until they can do 100 problems in less than 5 minutes, then continue on a couple of weeks because they will often make it to less than a couple of minutes. Math is easier when it’s easier.  Knowing the facts makes it easier!

What makes it so hard to actually get the fun part of science done? It’s just a pain in the neck to find all the pieces and parts you need for the experiments and activities! Here’s our big tip: Buy a kit that has all the supplies you’ll need. That’s hard to do when you’re frugal and it’s mostly household stuff, but trust me, after twenty years of homeschooling, buy the kit!

Did we mention that there’s no substitute for the real world? Want them to love science? Call your cooperative extension agent, borrow an incubator, and hatch some eggs. Take a nature walk with someone who understands outdoor lore and can tell them all about the plants and trees. Next time there’s a meteor shower, find a dark sky, pop some popcorn, and watch. Classical Astronomy is a good place to get help with that.

You don’t have to be a math and science major to have kids that love both. Just realize that worksheets and textbooks probably aren’t going to be enough. They need your enthusiasm, a little help, and a connection to the real world. You’ll be amazed how much that helps!

Your friends,
Hal and Melanie

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The Familyman 

Are there exciting ways to teach math and science?

You know me; I’m an out-of-the-box, go against the flow, make lemonade kind of dad. I like to do things the fun way, the different way, the creative way. When it comes to most subjects, I like the creative approach. I like to make learning engaging and cutting edge. But math is my arch nemesis. It can’t be made fun (my wife says it can, but she’s a numbers person).

Oh, plenty have tried to take the sting out of learning it, but here’s the deal: math is BORING, plain and simple. In fact, the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you can make peace with it and yourself.

You just have to face the math task and plug away. You start with the simple stuff; learn your math facts, formulas, and story problems. Then if YOU think some of that “higher math” really matters, you move on to that and plug away at it as well.

Oh and when your kids complain about how boring it is, tell them, “Tough!!” Math is boring, but you’ve got to know it, and you’re gonna learn it, so quit your belly aching.”

Then pull out the boring math lesson, do a little bit each day and one day … your kids will know it.

Again, make peace with that truth and move on. There are plenty of other fun, creative subjects out there to enjoy with your kids … math just isn’t one of them (in my opinion).

Be real,



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