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Science is one of those subjects that parents either love to teach, or dread with everything in their being. So much to explore! So many possibilities! But, on the other hand … so much to explore. So many possibilities. Whether you are a natural science teacher or need a little encouragement and direction these companies have some great resources for you to explore.


American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has found that children show an interest in science, 
specifically veterinary medicine, at a young age.  Most people don’t realize that veterinarians do more than just care for dogs and cats. That’s where we come in.  We not only have information about finding a pet 
that’s right for your family and being a responsible pet owner — we also have a number of educational materials for those interested in learning more about careers in veterinary medicine.

Our materials are broken into three age levels:  K-3, 4-6 grade and 7-12 grade.  We have PowerPoint presentations for all three of these levels.  For the youngest group, we have coloring books.  For the middle school level, we have comic books and a video game that includes a curriculum guide.  For the junior high and high school level, we have career brochures, posters, bookmarks and a career DVD.  All of our materials are available for free through our website.

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CrossWired Science

Everything you need for a year of Science curriculum! YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT!

Engaging presenters teach the amazing wonders God has hidden in His creation. CWS also ties in the latest developments in technology while following a great hands-on approach.

  • Online video curriculum with built in testing
  • Guided, self-paced lessons for multi-level learning
  • Free sample lesson 
  • 4 different PAKS for every need and budget (every PAK includes the E-curriculum)
  • Over 150 experiments and activities bring the whole family together!
  • The AMAZING 160 item experiment PAK is fun for all ages.
  • Concept curriculum is great for ages 8 and up.
Here’s what people are saying about CrossWired Science:

“This is by far the most ambitious effort I have seen to show the glory of God through His creation. This curriculum is above and beyond your traditional Science!”
-Homeschool Dad and Public School Science Teacher

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“Profoundly showing the Glory of God through what He has made”

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Home Science Tools

A mother’s influence 
In early 1840s Scotland, a determined mother began homeschooling her curious little boy. Despite facing hearing loss, which led to her eventual deafness, and her son’s headstrong temperament, she persevered and taught the boy until he was 11. 

In those years, she imparted a drive to conquer challenges and fostered his inquisitive nature. That mother was named Eliza Grace Bell. Could she have known that her son Alexander Graham would become one of the most famous inventors of modern times? 

Today homeschool, tomorrow the world 
When homeschooling a child, you never know where the path will lead. That’s why a background and appreciation for science is so crucial in instilling and nurturing curiosity about the world. Set them up for success with the tools, curriculum, and methods to send them on a lifelong journey of discovery. 

Helping hands 
Not a science wiz? Not to worry. Much of the most important science learning involves asking questions and finding answers together. 
At Home Science Tools, we partner with you in providing the best home education possible. With affordable science supplies, knowledgeable customer service staff, and free online experiments, you’re not alone. | 800-860-6272



Educents is the first and only marketplace for educational resources that allows you to save up to 100% on innovative and fun learning resources.

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Apologia Science

Apologia science believes that students’ educations should prepare them for eternity, not just a semester. Our award winning science curriculums teach elementary, junior high, and high school students to recognize, appreciate, and understand the wonders of Creation. By writing our texts in a conversational tone, challenging science concepts are presented in a personalized format.

Our Young Explorer Series actively engages elementary students in the scientific process. Notebooking Journals provide a written history of experiences, observations, and thoughts that students can reference to create opinions and draw conclusions about the way their world works.

Apologia’s junior high curriculums prepare students for the rigorous high school sciences. The Student Notebooks teach students how to take notes while guiding students toward becoming more structured, logical, and independent!

Apologia high school students are prepared by our college preparatory curriculum to understand and evaluate the discoveries that will occur during their lifetimes. Our academically rigorous curriculum can be studied independently, with the aid of instructional DVDs, or through live interaction of Apologia Academy.

Each of our creation-based, award winning science curriculums have experiments that require only readily available materials, online resources that expand textbook concepts, and access to Apologia instructors through the Apologia helpline.



"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).