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This week on “The Homeschooling Network” Television Channel on ROKU!
This week on the ROKU Homeschooling Network we are studying ground water!
Susan Evans of Hands-On Learning broadcasts a wonderful video that teaches a hands-on science experiment! 
I am always looking for hands-on experiments that have what I call the “wow” factor! “Wow” means to me that we all get a little messy, the kids can learn and get messy too, and we learn something new! Tomorrow I plan to use this experiment with our new homeschool group!
We have sand and I gathered some gravel from an old parking lot. You can get gravel from a pet store too . . . look in the fish aquarium department! I called another mom in our group and she is bringing the mason jars! But, old Mayo jars would do nicely for this experiment too.
In our experiment, we mix the sand and gravel together in the two, separate jars.
One jar should have sand and small gravel layers, the other jar should have sand and larger gravel layers.
Eyeball the layers to get them how you like:)
We will pour the water into the jars and see which water gets saturated first, the one with thin gravel layers or thick ones.
Do you know many of us get our water supply from ground water. Let’s see how it works first hand!
This week get wet and study ground water the hands-on way! The video will take you step by step! No long prep needed!
You can watch the video while doing the experiment! I like simple! And, I hope you do too!
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