Science at the Beginning

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Don’t wait until middle school to teach your children detailed science concepts. Through our partnership with World Book, enjoy two new science courses for elementary-age children. Introduction to Life Science has a graphic nonfiction presentation style (comic book style) but is full of information and illustrations that help clarify the concepts and facts. Detailed diagrams, glossaries, and more are included. The nine units in this class study the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body; the various systems in the body; plant life cycles, including seed plant reproduction, asexual reproduction, cross-pollination, and germination; plant and animal cells and their cycles; how genes impact an organism’s inherited traits, including variation, hybrids, mutations, and much more. Introduction to Physical Science allows students to study serious science in a fun way. Explore electricity, force and motion, heat, light, magnetism, matter and how it changes, properties of matter, sound, and more with engaging units and hands-on activities. Both classes come with supplemental worksheets to enhance your children’s learning.


Tammie Bairen


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