ROKU Homeschooling Network: Unit Study or Traditional This Year?

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Where are my pencils? It does not matter if I have bought pencils recently or not . . . when it comes to time to homeschool, they will be missing! Can you relate? Every year around this time I try to get all my “ducks in row,” but find some are simply quacking off beat!

I would like to tell you we have all our school supplies neatly in row ready for first day of homeschool bliss, but alas that is not the case. Being a mostly one income family we have to budget paycheck wise when we purchase our curriculum. Am I the only one like this:)?

We are waiting for a paycheck coming later in the month to buy the big books needed for our year. So now, we are searching the pantry, so to speak! I have looked around my home and found some pretty awesome unit studies that I have previously purchased for use with both my kiddies! Last week we studies about coal and Wales and lots of stuff we would never have thought of studying! Now  my daughter wants to be a coal miner! I picked up some comprehensive workbooks from the local store and we are working on our core skills with that.


This is totally different then our traditional workbook style day! We are also getting inspiration from our very own ROKU television channel “The Homeschooling Network!” You can get the channel too by simply adding it in your ROKU channel store. We are in the Kids & Family category and only 99 cents! If you don’t have a ROKU, run to the store and pick one up for $50 or so. Hook it up to your TV, and get access to over 1,500 channels and never pay another dime for cable. Add only the wholesome channels your family wants! It all works with your Wi-Fi!

This week we watched on our Homeschooling Network how to do a “Cave Unit Study” with my friend and broadcaster Susan Evans of Hands-on Learning! Seeing a cave made from clay was super hands on exciting! I have recently purchased self hardening clay on a dime at the craft store so I am excited about trying the out! Kids, and adults, love working with clay! You don’t need to beg the kids to learn, they will jump at the chance to make their very own sculptures!

Also, Susan gives us easy tips in another video on making a volcano the simple way! We watch her family make one step by step and learn what works! Soon, we will be making volcanos like the pros!

We can do this! Now, I am thinking, just thinking . . .perhaps if this month continues to go so creatively, we will consider saving that paycheck and sticking to the unit study path! I will keep you updated! Feel free to share your journey as well as you start the new year!

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