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This week on the ROKU Homeschooling Network . . .
our family is homeschooling in the woods thanks to a great video how-to by Susan Evans of Hands-on Learning. Check out her site here:
Susan teaches our family and yours how to decorate walking sticks. She uses paint, feathers, twine, leather and more to make amazing sticks with her children!
Each stick represents the child’s vision in a unique way! Have your supplies ready!
Our family is going camping with our congregation in the Fall for the Feast of Tabernacles. On this Holiday we live similarly to the Israelites who dwelt in tents in the wilderness. But, our camping ground, unlike theirs, we will have electricity.
We plan to bring a hot glue gun to glue on coloring ribbons to our sticks.
To tie the feathers in place simple wrap strong thread around them and tie them to your decorated stick.
I have seen walking sticks for sale at shops and always instinctively want to play with them, don’t you?
How proud your children will be with their rugged piece of art!
You can do a Bible study like plan to do, or study God’s Creation on a family hike with your handy walking sticks?
What will you do with your walking sticks?!
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So tell us, do you ROKU?

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