ROKU Homeschooling Network: A Greek Feast!

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One of the privileges I have as being the coordinator for our ROKU “Homeschooling Network” is getting to highlight some of my favorite Homeschool Teachers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on demand! If you have not discovered this gem of educational inspiration, you will thank me for this introduction for certain! The treasure I speak of is Hands-on Learning Homeschool Speaker Susan Evans of!

Please do check out our her resources!

Susan teaches on every subject it seems in super creative ways! From science, to literature, to Bible, to art, you name, she has a creative project for it! One day she is dressed in Greek garb teaching us how to make an AMAZING Greek Feast in our homeschool, the next day she is in pirate costume teaching creative writing!

As a write this my mouth is watering watching Susan cook up a storm for her study of Greece.


Yummy lamb, baklava, Greek yogurt, olives and more pure yum lighten my screen.

Our family LOVES teaching with food! Today we studied our encyclopedia, made a few diagrams and then with daddy’s expert hand we created a wonderful cheese sauce to match our European studies. The kids all took turns adding flour to the pot and their faces! How very silly we were! Yes, I touched a few dabs of flour to my nose too.

I like unit studies but I also like “easy,” so that is where watching Susan on the “ROKU Homeschooling Network” works so well for us!

I can learn to make a volcano, make an Egyptian Feast, or a Greek one to compliment my homeschool. I can get instant ideas and inspiration anytime I need it!

So, come over to our fun channel, but I warn you, don’t come hungry . . . or you might just be cooking up some tasty homeschool creativity in your own home this week!



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