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The 2019-20 Schoolhouse Digital Planner


Streamline your homeschool and household planning with the 2019-20 Schoolhouse Planner!  It’s like having your own personal assistant at your fingertips!  Purchase your planner here, or receive it FREE as part of your membership in, which also includes access to hundreds of PreK-12 courses, an extensive video library, additional planning and organizational resources, tools for teaching students with special needs, parent articles, and so much more-all for less than $20/month.



The Old Schoolhouse® 2019-20 Schoolhouse Planner is available now, and it is . . . well . . . HUGE!  With over 750 pages of organizational and educational content at your fingertips, you may never need to search for another form, calendar, or organizational tool online again! 

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Fully customizable calendars, lists, schedules, and planning pages
  • Evaluation forms, logs, and report cards (also fully customizable!)
  • Articles to encourage and motivate you throughout the year, written by homeschooling experts like Jeannie Fulbright, Dr. Mary Hood, Dr. Jay L. Wile, and Cindy Wiggers, as well as homeschooling parents just like you
  • All the tools you will need to keep detailed high school records and create transcripts
  • More than 50 lists of facts for reference in fine arts, geography/history, math, science, and language arts
  • Handwriting practice pages and notebooking templates
  • Unit study and lapbooking essentials
  • Tools to help your children plan and organize projects

Oh, and these are just the features available in the Homeschool section of the 2019-20 Schoolhouse Planner!  You also receive a full Household organizational section, which includes:

  • Bible reading schedules, notetaking and prayer journal pages, and quick-reference lists
  • Personal finance records, including a form kids can use to track their giving, saving, and spending
  • Chore charts, health records, and vacation planning/packing lists
  • Planning pages for personal projects and goals
  • List of pantry staples, kitchen measurement conversions, menu planning, and over 100 easy recipes (including gluten free!)
  • Address book, Christmas card list, and information for babysitters
  • And MORE . . .

What makes the 2019-20 Schoolhouse Planner unique?

  • ALL forms – calendars, daily lessons, household inventories, attendance records, course activity logs, book lists, and more-are fully customizable and editable
  • Navigation is a cinch with separate files and tables of contents
  • Save information on your device or print as needed
  • Flexibility to change your educational or household plan on the fly
  • Create academic transcripts and portfolios with ease

Yet another comprehensive resource available to you from The Old Schoolhouse® and!

If you are an active member, you receive the 2019-20 Schoolhouse Planner for free.  Just log in to your account and navigate to the Planning tab for access.


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