Someplace Called Special . . . Special Needs Children


Discover practical help to assist you with your own child’s unique learning abilities/disabilities. Buy “Someplace Called Special…Special Needs Children” today, for every child is special in it’s own unique way.


Every individual has been designed by God with a purpose; each is special.

Some homeschooling children struggle with reading, can’t sit still, fidget uncontrollably, or are able to focus only minutes at a time. Some are non-verbal, deaf, far brighter than their teachers, or struggle with chronic illness. All of them and more can be found, along with their parents, living and learning in the pages of . . .

Someplace Called Special – A Look at Homeschooling Special Needs Children

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine brings you this rare, encouraging opportunity!

Can you imagine the variety of experiences parents of children with special needs encounter on a daily basis? There’s a lot we can learn from them!

  • Meet parents of many different special needs children who have risen to daily challenges with faith and grace.
  • How do those with demanding circumstances get it all done? How do they cope?
  • Discover practical help to assist you with your own child’s unique learning abilities/disabilities.
  • You are not alone! This E-Book will uplift you like no other!
  • Plus there’s more!

Ten real families share ten unique stories of struggle and triumph:

  • Esther Polson and Dyslexia: Hear about the advantages of plain page curriculum, the process of working through curriculum options, and what ultimately, became a good choice in math because of these details.
  • Julia Good and ADHD and Dyslexia: What is it like to have a child struggling with both ADHD and Dyslexia? Julia will tell you, along with the many wonderful experiences her family has enjoyed while homeschooling.
  • Michelle Hardy and Deafness and ADHD: While homeschooling all of the children after time in the public school system helped them make many discoveries, knowing about learning styles, determining concepts that were lacking, and utilizing the advantages in homeschooling has helped bring about improvement for everyone.
  • Rachel Hudson and Asperger’s Syndrome: Follow Rachael’s story as her son goes from an ADHD diagnosis, a behavioral plan that caused nothing but more anxiety, and eventually a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. You’ll love her incredible insight.
  • Anita Martin and Asperger’s Syndrome: Premature birth brought on many developmental issues for Anita’s daughter, but at nine years old they discovered the underlying truth of Asperger’s syndrome. Understand AS better as you learn more.
  • Peg Roen and Cerebral Palsy: Peg shares the many things they have learned while walking the long road through diagnosis, therapy, and faith. Read about the practical things used by the Roen family to homeschool while accommodating physical needs.
  • Heather Batchelder and Down Syndrome: A former public school kindergarten and first grade teacher, Heather shares about being called of God to raise a special child. Even a former teacher admits to “much fear and trepidation” in making modifications to curriculum to meet the needs of her student.
  • Thereasa Winnett and Giftedness: As gifted parents, Thereasa and her husband prepared for a gifted child. How can you equip a gifted child to deal with the tendency to demand perfection–using her faith? Thereasa will tell you, along with so much more.
  • Tammy Hall and Lupus: The road to a lupus diagnosis can be incredibly difficult. You will be amazed at how the school system influenced their choice to homeschool! Tammy has structured their homeschool to meet the particular physical needs of their family.
  • Beth Thomas and Sensory Processing Disorder: Tailoring homeschooling for her child allows Beth to make positive curriculum choices and adjustments to minimize sensory problems. Hear her heart as she candidly tells about the challenges they face.
  • Karen Sargent and Visual Processing Disorder: Learn how this family adapted their teaching methods to take advantage of their child”s strengths, rather than being discouraged by her weaknesses.

After you have learned more about the authors, they will answer questions often asked about special needs in The Good, The Bad, and The Blunt: Answers to Common Questions.

Mary Anderson and What Is an IEP? Educate yourself on the Individual Education Plan often used to guide families and schools in the process of educating special needs children. Learn exactly what an IEP is, who will make up the IEP committee for your child, and gain a better understanding of whether or not you need one. An explanation of the history of the changing educational world of special needs is included.

Learn more about public schools and the training of their staff, as an education major, Thereasa Winnett, shares several factors she believes contribute to the inability of today’s public schools to successfully educate children with special needs.

Educate your children, by educating yourself! Enjoy the eBook Someplace Called Special -A Look at Homeschooling Special Needs Children.


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