February 2014 Expo


February 2014 Schoolhouse Expo with the Economides and Deborah Wuehler. By training your kids to handle money wisely they will be prepared to enter adulthood. You are sure to be encouraged and inspired as you listen to this expo series.


Steve and Annette Economides: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half  – Without Extreme Couponing We have been living the “Economiser Lifestyle” since 1982. During that time we’ve found thousands of ways to save money on everything from food to fun and cars to castles (well, really more like houses). Many friends have encouraged us to put in writing the strategies and systems we’ve used to raise a family of five kids and still manage to save enough money to pay cash for cars and pay off our house. This web site is a window into the life of our family and those we have helped to get out of debt. Each article we write shares some of our brilliant successes and unfortunately, some of the miserable failures we have experienced in our attempt to live a simple and frugal lifestyle. Our hope is that we will provide encouragement to maximize your time and money so that you can reach the goals that really matter. Since 1995, Steve and Annette Economides have been teaching their kids to earn, save and spend their own money. They’ll cover the system they’ve developed and how you can customize it to fit your own family’s lifestyle. By training your kids (of any age) to handle money wisely they will be prepared to enter adulthood ready to soar. They’ll also share the 8 bonuses their kids experienced by learning to stand financially independent.  Deborah Wuehler: Homeschooling Through Hardship Hardships come in every category of life; however, they are not always a reflection of who you are, your parenting or your homeschooling. Learn to go from living in “survival mode” to learning to live in “revival mode.” There is hope in the midst of the hard things if we are fully prepared, fully armed, and hidden in Christ. ~ Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).