2023-24 Digital Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner Combo Set Parent/Student


Planners all around. One for you; one for your teen.


The Mama of all homeschool planners is here. Capture your wildest ideas for 2023–2024 with the Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner. Plus, teach your teen to tame their schedule with a HIGH SCHOOL version of the planner that will help them learn organization skills. You’re so smart that you caught a deal with this combo—you get both planners to download or print for $45 (free for members). 

Download the planners to your computer and open using Adobe in order to utilize the interactive forms best. Every page is editable with the ability to save your information. Save it on your computer with your own personal information stored on the pages. Or, if you prefer, print copies of the pages that are useful for your unique homeschool family.

The PARENT planner includes:

  • Monthly Calendars with Notes
  • Devotionals & Coloring Pages
  • Weekly Planner
  • Household Budget Record
  • Curriculum Budget
  • Assignments & Due Dates
  • Course of Study 
  • Annual Plans 
  • Yearly Goals
  • Semester Goals
  • Educational Objectives
  • Reading Log 
  • Preschool Planner
  • Educational Activities for Preschoolers
  • Attendance Record
  • Creating an Academic Transcript
  • Academic Transcript
  • Family Chore Chart
  • My Daily Chores
  • Chores Room by Room
  • Student Prayer Journal
  • Parent Prayer Journal
  • Monthly Calendar Pages 
  • Hey, Mama! Devotionals for Each Month

The HIGH SCHOOL planner includes:

  • GPA Calculating Form & Recording Log
  • Easy-to-use Transcript Templates
  • Monthly Calendars & Lesson Plans with Room for Notes
  • Tons of Helpful Fact Sheets (Periodic Table, Common Latin & Greek Roots, Branches of Government, and more)
  • Logs for Books Read, Audio/Video, Extracurricular Activities & Field Trips
  • Monthly Devotionals from Teens
  • Bible Reading Schedule & Prayer Journal
  • Science Lab Sheets
  • Pages for Outside Classes, Finances, and Chores

Looking for smart curriculum choices too? membership provides over 400 courses for all of your students. And, your membership comes with free downloads of both the Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner and the high school version.


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