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Effective Habits of the Five People You Meet in Heaven Review by Nancy Wagner

By: Steve Kellmeyer
Bridegroom Press

This is a book by a well-known Catholic theologian who has written profusely on history and Catholic theology. "He is a popular speaker who skillfully shows how theology applies to today's headlines and appears frequently in lecture halls and on radio stations across the country." This book is not a novel, but a study of the book "Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom.

"Five People You Meet in Heaven" was also put into film format and shown recently on television. The story is of a man who has a journey to the mountaintop and takes you, the reader, with him. This journey to the mountaintop is understood as the journey toward God Himself. On the way, he meets five people who have important roles in his spiritual life and thus clarifies important virtuous "habits" such as prudence, wisdom, and others along the way. The book has been called the 21st-century answer to Pilgrim's Progress and is deeply and richly symbolic.

This study book deals with each of the five persons Eddie, the main character, encounters on his journey. It is ideal for a group study with discussion questions at the end of each chapter, though just as applicable to individual readers. While there are Catholic theology-based observations here, like any other spiritually based work, discernment and thought is required. It is quite thoughtful and insightful for the person or persons who are able and willing to put some time and effort into thinking about the precepts put forth. This will not be light reading and is recommended only for those that wish to delve into a deeper spiritual walk.

-- Product Review by: Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine