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Storytime Adventures & Stories Worth Re-Reading Review by Jenny Underwood

Family Home Christian Books

I absolutely love reading children's character-building stories so when we were blessed with Stories Worth Re-Reading and Storytime Adventures, I was excited! These are both paperback books packed with exceptional stories designed specially to help instill Godly Character in our children. It was a wonderful addition to my homeschool library. 

First, the Stories Worth Re-Reading is full of stories that have been published long ago! There are seventy-two stories in the three hundred nineteen-page book. They have a certain quality about them that is simply perfect for reading to your children early in the morning. Each story is a modest length which makes them great for holding shorter attention spans and being able to fit them in my busy day. My son, age nine, really enjoyed these stories and would ask me to keep reading.

These make excellent conversation starters and focus on character traits like honesty, integrity, perseverance, temperance ECT...My son was deeply saddened by one story where a son breaks his mother's heart by getting drunk and getting killed. We talk about real-life examples of sin frequently and how to avoid its pitfalls, so this book was an excellent choice for continuing that. The language is a bit older and will cause your children to have to adjust their listening to a more complex vocabulary which I feel is greatly beneficial. Many of them do focus on what not to do but they also focus on the positive and what should be done. This book was originally compiled in 1910 and is still truly relevant today!

The other book we received, Storytime Adventures, my children all loved. It had pictures and was centered a great deal around children. The stories were true and a combination of modern, historical, and Biblical stories. There are twenty-four stories in this ninety-five-page book. After each short story (approximately three-four pages each) then there is a think about it section. 

My son Gabe, age six, especially liked this book and the story about the birthday cake and about the cat who saved a pastor in prison. Both showed God's love and care for the individuals in the stories. This book made an excellent children's devotional for my children and we all enjoy reading it! It is a bigger book, and the pages stay open easily while being read.

Either of these books would make a fantastic addition to a homeschool library, or as a gift to friends with children. They can be re-read over and over to deepen character and understanding of God and His love. Both are excellent quality and should stand up to frequent use.

Storytime Adventures is $14.99 and Stories Worth Re-Reading is $10.95. 

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2020