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The Weekly Homemaker's Planner Package updated to June 2021 Review by Jennifer King

Housekeeping Chore Box
Kids Housekeeping Chore Box
Kemi Quinn
The Quinn & Quinn Co.

Keeping our home organized is such a challenge yet so very vital. We can all attest to how much simpler and more joyful life at home is when everything has a place and is in its place. It sounds so simple, organizing your home, but what if it is not? Some of us struggle to get and stay organized. For those of us who need a bit more help, I have been using some wonderful materials with my family that is making a wonderful difference! I received a digital download of the 2020 Weekly Homemaker’s Planner, the Housekeeping Chore Box,and the Kids Housekeeping Chore box from The Quinn and Quinn Co. 

I confess I struggle with actively using a planner. I desperately need to maintain one. I know that. We are all busy whether in the home or out of the home and it is so helpful to have all our things in one place. I was thrilled to see how elegant this Homemaker’s Planner was. It was not busy or loud but soft and gentle in its design. There is plenty of space to write out every one of our appointments for each day of the week. There are also separate sections for listing errands, goals, a weekly menu, and any other notes needing to be added to the week. There are even lovely, inspiring quotes at the bottom of the pages if you need a little lovely lift. 

Still not sure about this? Do you struggle to get started? Have you been successfully using your planner? The Weekly Homemaker's Planner Package updated to June 2021 comes with an amazing guide to help moms put it all together, so it works exactly right. This guide teaches you how to customizethe calendar. I admit, I had no idea I could, or even how, to use this online so I appreciated the included tutorial that walked me through using Adobe Reader to make this calendar my own.

This planner includes monthly dividers as well as daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages. There are just so many ways to make this calendar work for you. 

I also received the Housekeeping Chore Box and the Kids Housekeeping Chore Box. which was designed to help us motivate our kids to do their chores. I know this is a real problem in our house, so I am always up for helping my family to get those chores done. This will help you to determine what chores are appropriate for every age and how to keep calm when they are doing their chores but not so perfectly. It is about encouraging the skills as they develop and having real expectations Included are some extremely cute templates to use for making yourchore box. The chore cards included are colorful and show both words and images so even the youngest can simply gauge the purpose of each card. They range from cleaning the bathroom, emptying the dishwasher,making dinner, and caring for pets. There is such a wide variety, and they are all organized based on personal care, pet care, or rooms in the house. 

There are also chore charts provided, Again, there are several different ones to choose from. Whether you prefer daily charts or weekly, personal, or family, whatever you need there is a chart here for you. We used the weekly charts for all four of our kids from the youngest to the oldest. The personal charts include things such as brush your teeth, make your bed, comb your hair. There are also spaces for you to design tasks for each child. I like being able to individually create their chore charts because our kids are all so different in the things they like to do and if they are a part of the design, I do believe that helps. I have a son who is running a lawn care business this summer and he likes to put tasks for that on there too. For example, checking in with clients to see who needs a mow and when they would like for him to come by. My daughter is very animal-focused so hers includes plenty of tasks related to pet care. My youngest loved the simple words and colorful images helping her each day. Again, being able to customize things is a real benefit.

There is so much to love about every bit of these materials. In so many ways I think our success or failure with organizing our family and home comes from using things that do not or cannot meet our needs. When we have something like this planner, we can customize it to meet our needs whatever they may be and as our needs change, we can change the system. This is why the planner and the chore boxes work so well.

The chore box and the planner both are so very appealing to the eye while also being so convenient and affordable. Without a doubt, these can help you to get everyone in your home organized. 

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2020