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Art and Bible: Bible Stories 5-DVD Boxed Set Review by Amanda Hopkins

See the Light Art

My kids have grown up hearing many of the Bible stories, either at home or at church. While they know the stories, it does not mean we cannot find ways to make those stories more interactive for them. That is where the Art and Bible: Bible Stories 5-DVD Boxed Set from See the Light Art comes into play.

Within the 5 physical DVDs in this set, we got The Crossmaker (Easter Story), Shipwrecked (Story of Paul), God’s Runaway (Jonah), The Gift of Love (Christmas Story), and God’s Special Surprise (Moses). In addition to the DVDs, you will want art supplies like chalk pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, and pencils and paper. Nothing wild and crazy, just enough to have fun with art and the Bible story together.

Each DVD has multiple parts to it. First, you watch the video telling of the story while you watch chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann draw her interpretation of the story. We fell in love with watching the story just to see her pictures, and the blacklight reveals! They bring a whole new meaning to the story when you see them in this way.

After the story, we have three options for art lessons. These include different lettering styles, your own drawing of the story, and even some include our own blacklight reveals. This is the fun part, watching the art you make have a hidden picture in it and sharing it with others.

Finally, in the bonus features, each DVD has music from Breathing Room recording artists, Jan Roper, and Kevin Dukes. You will also be able to listen to commentary from Gloria Kohlmann, meet the See the Light team and watch and hear the plan of salvation.

All these stories are suggested for ages 3+ and the art lessons are for 6+. That meant that everyone in the house could watch and enjoy the story, while my older kids were able to take part in the art lessons.

The way these DVDs are set up, we can easily spend a week or more on each one. I was able to use this as a Bible study for my 11-year-old son. We would start by watching the story. I would make him find the story in his Bible and take any notes that he learned from the video that he may have learned. Later in the week, we would do one of the art lessons. We would re-watch the story again before doing another art project. We aimed to do two of the three art lessons from each DVD. Each art lesson is about 30 minutes long without pausing to do your own art. We liked to keep the art lessons for Friday, but I did not complain too much if he wanted to do them on any other day of the week.

With these DVDs, you do not need to be homeschooling to use them. All you need is a love for the Bible and a want to do art. This would be a great family activity for any family looking to have a fun and interactive approach to the Bible stories we know and love. They are great for those kids who love art and have a mom (like me) who is not good at art. I know that I need to meet them in the middle and finding someone else to help teach this is just what I need to do, and just what these videos did.

I love that not only are my kids learning art, but they are also learning about the Bible at the same time. Seeing the Bible stories in an artistic way helps to make the stories real. And being able to draw or create your own make for a memorable way to study the Bible.

If you have artistic kids who love to learn more about the Bible, or if you are looking for a way to bring the Bible alive for your kids, these DVDs are a great way to do just that. We love these and look forward to re-using them repeatedly over the years.

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2020