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The Illustrated Alphabet of Art Review by Jenny Underwood

Eve Heidi Bine-Stock

We have two children in our home currently learning their alphabet and I love using different alphabet books to keep things interesting! I received the book The Illustrated Alphabet of Art by Eve Heidi Bine-Stock to review with my family. This is a highly unique alphabet book. In fact, I have never seen another like this! It is a large paperback book that is excellent quality construction.

Each letter has a different type of art. For example, A is for Abstract, B is for Balance. It then has a picture of that type of art and an explanation. Each letter is one full page.

I read this to my children multiple times. They all liked it, though they did think some of the art forms were strange, line art for example!

This book allowed us to have several discussions on the different art forms. We are going to do an art study and make them from A-Z as part of our Art. A super neat idea would be to do one study each week as the child learns the letter, they also learn the art style and get to make corresponding art projects!

My favorite one was R for Realism. The boys loved the J for Junk Art which featured a dog made entirely from bicycle chains!

We had been studying Claud Monet and Jakob instantly recognized his painting in the L is for Landscape.

This is a highly informative and entertaining book. It makes an excellent addition to your art study program and suppliesan enjoyable book for your children learning their alphabet!

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2019