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Introverted Mom Review by Brittney Rutherford

Jamie C. Martin
Simple Homeschool

When I saw the title Introverted Mom, I knew I needed to read this book. Jamie C. Martin is an introverted homeschooling mother too, and this book walks you through her journey of discovery and acceptance of her identity in this role. Parenthood is hard enough, but when our introverted tendencies cause decision fatigue, stress, frustration, and guilt, we are left feeling judged, selfish, and inadequate. As an introvert and mother of four, I knew this book was written for me. It was written for every introverted mother who has struggled to realize she is adequate the way God made her, and her parenting strengths will outweigh any perceived weaknesses placed by the stereotypes of introversion.

Martin’s book opens with a whole list of “If you’ve ever . . . you might be an introverted mother” statements that clearly defined me. I recognized those moments that she was describing as emotionally fatiguing activities, as well as the recovering and coping mechanisms I have used following those known stressors. Martin shares vulnerable stories from her life, exposing how the life of an introvert is affected by everyday situations or major decisions that can affect you for a lifetime. I really liked her discussion on how to say no to activities that are not a definite need or love, to free up the energy for the things we do love or will regret not doing ten years in the future.

Some people do not understand introversion, but Martin is clearly an introvert who wants other moms to understand that their natural personality is not a flaw or a burden. She has a chapter on accepting yourself as you are, a chapter on dealing with heartache as an introvert, as well as handling marriage and raising children. She even included a passage to the husband of introverts, which is marked for my own husband to read. I also appreciated the lovely quotes from famous introverted authors, as well as reflections from other introverted moms on how they deal with particular situations. The practical suggestions are useful for figuring out new ways to reduce stress and handle different situations.

This book is written to the mom who is just learning that she is an introvert, as well as to the mom who knows it but needs a little nudge to let go of the guilt that society as unfairly placed on the introvert’s shoulders. The softcover book is 233 pages, but it is an easy read, as if a friend is giving advice in her own kitchen, and it is a blessing to the introverted mother who needs to know she is not alone.

Product review by Brittney Rutherford, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2019