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Millions to Measure Review by Teri Lucas

David M. Schwartz

"I really liked Millions to Measure. It tells the story of how they measured in early times and throughout time until now. There is even some 'weighing.' I would buy this book if I were a parent because it makes learning math fun" - Seth Lucas, age seven.

Millions to Measure's charming Mathematical Magician, Marvelossimo, takes children on a journey through time to discover the process of measuring. First and foremost, they learn why we need to measure. Some very practical applications are highlighted that your child is sure to enjoy. Next, we proceed to explore the possibility of how of our first measurement systems were created. Millions to Measure examines both the U.S. system and the Metric system. Finally, we discuss the importance of using measurement correctly in the story of a spaceship disaster that occurred when engineers and operators used different methods to measure. When our story has ended, you will find a three-page synopsis of the metric system. Because most of the world has converted to the metric system, the author believes that the United States will one day do the same.

Mr. Schwartz likes to spend much of his time finding unusual, whimsical ways to make math and science come alive for kids and teachers. He is also available for speaking engagements. A few of Mr. Schwartz's award winning and popular titles include How Much is a Million, If you Made a Million, G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book, Q is for Quark: A Science Alphabet Book, the "Look Once, Look Again" series, and his newest release, Marvelossimo Flies Again.

Millions to Measure is a delightful and imaginative alternative to using "textbook" math. Charlotte Mason fans take heart - you can do math without that dry and tedious daily drill! I enjoyed this book as did my son Seth. I simply laid it out where he could find it. He picked it up within a very short amount of time and read it through. Although I am not normally in favor of stories with "magicians," this one does not highlight the "art of magic." Marvelossimo simply is a character who travels with us through time to discover the "magic of learning." Look for my other review of the "Look Once, Look Again" science series on our website and while you are looking visit Mr. Schwartz's website today.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine