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Rhymes Tables Times Tables Review by Jennifer Ladewig

Larissa Powell
Kid’s Times Tables – The World’s Fastest Way To Teach The Times Tables

Rhymes Tables Times Tables was created by Larissa Powell to help children learn their multiplication facts. Utilizing pictures for each number 1-12 and catchy sentences, children are aided in learning their times tables. I received the personal edition, but there is also a classroom addition available for purchase. The personal edition comes with a 64-page spiral-bound flip chart. The booklet is colorful, UV coated, dry erase, and is very durable. Also included is a Number Chart/Practice Sheet that displays the numbers with pictures as well as a full listing of the stories on the flip side. A Coach’s Manual explains how to teach the Rhymes Tables method. A Student Mastery Checklist, Multiplication Test, a Multiplication Times Tables Matrix, and a sheet listing 101 Ways to Praise Your Child is included. The cost of the personal edition is $39.99.

This program is said to be the world’s fastest way to teach the times tables. The Coach’s Manual outlines their method for teaching your child their times tables in three 20-minute lessons. On the first page of the flip chart, your child will learn the tips and tricks for learning their 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10s, and 11s times facts. For example, we all know that 2 times any number is that number doubled or that 11 times any number up to 9 is that number written twice. The rest of the flipbook focuses on the 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s multiplication facts utilizing character stories.

The stories consist of two parts. The first side of each flip chart page has the illustrated rhyming story. On the flip side, the multiplication fact with answer, the rhyme written out, as well as the illustrated story picture is included. Once your child has successfully learned the stories, you will then introduce them to the number chart. For example, the number 1 goes with “sun,” and the number 10 rhymes with “pen,” and so on. Once your child has familiarized themselves with the word that goes with each number, they are ready to put the story and numbers together which, in turn, are the answers to the times tables. To help you get a better understanding, one story example is: “Treeopens a Doorout jumps Elf.” So, 3 (tree) x 4 (door) = 12 (elf). The picture illustrates a tree with a door that an elf is jumping out of. There are 30 stories to learn.

I really did want to love this program, but it just didn’t work for my daughter. My daughter is going into the fourth grade. We have been working on multiplication over this past school year. While she knows many of the tricks to remembering some of the times tables, I haven’t been consistent with making her memorize the other ones. This method left her confused and bogged down with all the stories to remember. I would see her trying to remember the picture or story and get confused. I tried to make a game of it, but it just wasn’t clicking and working for her. My daughter said, “Trying to learn these stories are just as much work as just learning the facts by themselves. The stories don’t make much sense to me, and they didn’t all fit together. I don’t get how this can be the easiest and fastest way to learn my facts.”To give the program justice, I went to the website to look around and see if there was something I was missing, and there wasn’t. It just wasn’t a good fit for us.

With that said, I encourage everyone to check out products for themselves. Over many years of homeschooling, I have learned that what doesn’t work for one child may be a great fit for the next child. There are many helps out on the market to aid children in learning their math facts. I have tried multiple methods and find the flashcard method consistently the best fit. I have six children, and each has learned a bit differently. Some have struggled more than others when learning their math facts. I am grateful for programs such as Rhymes Tables Times Tables that aim to provide fun, unique ways to learn. Definitely check out the website, watch the YouTube video, and read through the success stories. You may just find that this is a great fit for your child.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017