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MisterNumbers Addition on the Number Wheel (e-book) Review by Jodi Galland

Tom Biesanz
Right Brain Math
(805) 967-0469
4025 State Street #9
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Right Brain Math is all about making math fun to teach and fun to learn. The right side of the brain is associated with creativity and Right Brain Math uses visual and auditory patterns to teach math. Noticing these patterns helps a student to memorize math facts. Using number games is an effective way to learn math.

The MisterNumbers Addition on the Number Wheel: Coming 'Round to Loving Math ebook is full of ideas for memorizing and, more importantly, understanding the addition tables. This book is written by Thomas Biesanz. Lesson plans were prepared by Theresa Schumaker. Drawings are by Jakob Marsh. First, an explanation of the number wheel is offered, relating similarities to a clock face and a bike lock. After the many activities, the Common Core correlations for Kindergarten are included. A simple circle, numbered 0 to 9, shows many patterns which only require straight lines to show the relationships between numbers.

This 88 page ebook is full of questions to help children see the number connections. “What do you think would happen if . . .” queries abound in Addition on the Number Wheel. Children are spurred to deeper consideration even of the things they think they already know. In this way, they gain understanding. The teaching is not limited to circles and lines. Pages and pages of activities are listed for each of the various circles. You'll learn a simple trick to make circles of any size so one or more children can use it at once. Circles can be used to teach place value and how place value works.

The best part is the use of physical activities as reinforcement. These math strategies can be used by any child learning addition facts, but if you have a mover and shaker, you'll find them particularly worthwhile. Children with bad math attitudes can have a complete turn-around.

Mr. Biesanz' sister, a retired schoolteacher, has created complete lesson plans to go with the book. The lesson plans are available on the Mister Numbers Teachers Pay Teachers shop. They cost $14.95 each. For some reason, this was not included for review. Partial lessons are included in the back of the ebook.

Several things about the Addition on the Number Wheel ebook were a bit confusing. The information tended to be a bit unorganized. Some activities listed were repetitive. There was no copyright information in the front of the book, so when I read about changes and updates being made “within a year,” I was unsure just when that will be. My research on the Right Brain Math website leads me to believe this hasn't happened yet.

MisterNumbers Addition on the Number Wheel e-book is not currently available for purchase, but is included with a $197 webinar from Right Brain Math.

-Product review by Jodi Galland, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016