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French 1 for Christian Schools Review by Heather Jackowitz

Bob Jones University Press

Parlez-vous francais? You can learn with French 1 from Bob Jones University Press! Living up to their excellent reputation once again, BJUP has produced quality, well prepared materials to take you from the very beginning to intermediate ability in French. French 1 takes a functional approach, meaning students learn greetings; survival questions; small talk; how to order food in a restaurant; narration in the past, present, and future; how to get along in everyday situations; how to express their opinions; and how to present the Gospel of Christ. Grammar and vocabulary are studied and used in context. All explanations in the student text and teacher manual are written in English so students and teachers will thoroughly understand concepts. The teacher manual contains answers, pronunciation tips, further explanation of grammatical concepts, supplemental activity suggestions, and historical and cultural notes. A highly motivated high school student should be able to work through the program independently, but a less motivated one will probably need a teacher. Tests are available to monitor progress. French 1 and 2 together fulfill all foreign language requirements for high school and can be completed in two years.

French 1 centers around the mission field in France. We follow the Dupont family as they adapt to the life and language of France, and we learn French with them along the way. Each chapter begins with a Bible verse to memorize. This is very exciting for beginning students, as it gives them immediate success at really saying something worthwhile.

Accompanying cassette tapes for each chapter allow students to hear and imitate native speakers. Pronunciation on the tapes is crisp and clear, and completing the weekly pronunciation and listening exercises in conjunction with the student activity book is an essential element of the complete level 1 program. The student activity book also includes a written lesson for each chapter. A teacher manual for the student activity book contains all the answers, as well as complete tape scripts for every lesson.

Each chapter concludes with a glimpse into the culture of France, and I found these short essays very enjoyable. Students will learn about French family life, the public transportation system, geography, the school system, and more. Photos throughout the student text further enhance learning. An essay about the religious climate in France calls the situation, "both disheartening and encouraging." Students are encouraged to "pray for the people of France, and pray that the Lord would send more laborers into this harvest field." Bob Jones University Press is a very mission-minded publisher, and this program will prepare students to share the Gospel in French.

I've always thought it would be fun to someday teach French to a homeschool co-op class, and, if I ever do (sigh), I would love to use this program. As I did some of the student listening and workbook exercises, I was reminded how fun it is to study French - such a lovely language! Visit for more information.

-- Product Review by: Heather Jackowitz, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse®

Here's a review on the video supplement for French 1 for Christian Schools!

This video has 22 lessons ranging from greetings to culture. My children (aged three, five, seven, and nine) sat mesmerized on the couch for an hour watching this video! Some lessons have a mime acting out vocabulary while the French word is shown on the screen and enunciated clearly. You will not hear any English on this video. Dialogues involve planning a party, ordering food in a restaurant, and visiting the doctor. A lesson on Christmas and another on sharing the Gospel make this video distinctively Christian. The final video lesson is a tour of France. Topics are complimentary to Bob Jones' French , but it could be used alongside any beginning French course. Moreover, while French 1 for Christian Schools is a high school program, this video supplement could be used with younger children. An accompanying reproducible workbook provides a worksheet for each lesson. Worksheets are fun, simple, and effective. Visit to see other supplemental items Bob Jones has to offer for your study of French, including a French Bible, Bible study, and dictionary.

-- Product Review by: Heather Jackowitz, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine