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Pick and Draw Cards Review by Melisa Theberge

Rich Davis
Pick and Draw

I'm no artist, but this deck of cards got me hooked on drawing in minutes! If you have a child who yearns to develop confidence to draw faces (or if you're the one yearning for that confidence!), then this inexpensive card deck is the perfect solution. The hard plastic container keeps them all neatly together and ready to use.

The stack of 52 glossy cards includes several instruction cards to put aside for use. The remaining cards can be divided into five piles of nine cards each, and they are clearly labeled by color and word: Face, Nose, Eyes, Mouth, and Hair. Without looking at the face of the cards, the budding artist can simply pick one from each pile. Be sure to have paper and pencil ready!

Play begins with the Face card first. Flipping the card over reveals an easy-to-duplicate shape to draw, ranging from kidney-shaped to triangular. The accompanying instruction card for this step offers simple tips, such as leaving enough space for other features later. The drawing continues by flipping the Nose card to find a rather unique facial feature; then Eyes, Mouth, and Hair cards follow. These are all humorous and unique, so no matter which is chosen for the drawing, the results will be fabulous and expressive! Because there is an instruction card to match each step, it's easy to succeed at creating a cartoon-style face every time. Helpful tips on the instruction cards include varying the size to achieve very different results and how to add ears, among others.

My daughters range in age from 6 to 12, and they have all enjoyed this card set--as have I! Having the variety of shapes to copy made it possible to gain drawing confidence and to enjoy the thousands of possible results. While this is certainly useful for playtime or long road trips, it also could be used to create characters for a story or a play.

We have found this simple deck of cards to be a lightweight addition to our travel bags or a quick activity to enjoy when a friend drops in. For additional fun, Rich Davis also has a drawing blog and website which offer other drawing projects and insights about art. I highly recommend this drawing game for kids of all ages.

Product review by Melissa Theberge, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2010