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St. Bartholomew's Eve Review by Nicole Teichroeb

G.A. Henty
Jim Hodges Audio Books
629 Admiral Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401
1 (405) 808-9758

This is an audio cd of G.A. Henty's book St. Bartholomew's Eve. G.A. Henty's books are historical/fiction adventures, each set in a time period of some important event in our past but following a fictional character. Mr. Henty took great care to make sure the historical accounts were as detailed and accurate as possible while still being interesting to the reader. Because these stories were written in the late 1800s, you will not find questionable content in them. Though because of the subject matter, parents would be wise to take into account their children's ages and level of sensitivity. The heroes of the stories are very strong in promoting good solid values and character traits. The vocabulary is a bit different from what most of us are used to, but it is not really hard to understand, not even for my children. 

St. Bartholomew's Eve is set during the French religious wars. This was a very sad and horrible time in history during which many of the French Huguenots were massacred for their faith, even young children. Young Phillip Fletcher is born in England, the son of an English father and a French mother. His parents take great care to train him as a youth, knowing that someday he may be needed in France to help his mother's people in their fight for freedom. As his 16th birthday approaches, the time has come for him to travel to France. By now he is a fine swordsman and marksman, skills which are required many times before he eventually returns to England as a hero. 

G.A. Henty's books are a favorite here at our house. The audio books are well done and very enjoyable to listen to. My husband is very attentive to facts and says that historically Henty's stories seem to be very accurate. My 16-year-old son will choose these to listen to over almost anything else. They are an excellent addition to history lessons or nice to have if you just want something other than fluff to listen to when traveling in the car. I feel these are an excellent buy and would recommend them to any family looking for good, wholesome, character building books.

Product review by Nicole Teichroeb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010