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At Home with Learning Projects Review by Renee Ruby

Judy Shewmake
At Home Ministries
P.O. Box 836
Camino, CA 95706
(530) 647-2110

What great ideas! Open up this meekly bound project book and watch out for the explosion! There's some real dynamic stuff in there! When we first received this, we flipped through this book and it happened to open to "Do You Really Want to Celebrate Halloween?" Since it was a few days before that fateful occasion, we took an interested look at all the information! Wow! Judy presents the information well and gives tons of great resources to compliment the learning experience! This is also all done without going overboard on the subject, which I though was particularly insightful. I was also excited to see her version of "All About Me." I loved doing a similar project with my preschooler to teach her all about her family, phone number, address, and environment. Judy pays special attention to detail and really creates a wonderful learning and bonding experience! Another favorite project was "Family History," which she turned into an across-the-curriculum unit study! It includes all areas of study with several electives thrown in!

All projects can be utilized for almost any age group and with the list of resources provided, you could feasibly use them for multiple ages too. Each project goes from idea to project to conclusion and equals great learning! And every project includes investigating, doing, and incorporating. There are 10 complete learning projects enclosed and ideas for dozens of others. The introduction is very informative and once you get through the whole book, you almost can't stop yourself from creating new learning projects of your own! Judy wraps it all together by providing planning sheets and journal pages to really keep track of your projects and experiences!

Judy Shewmake is also the author of and co-author of She currently conducts "At Home with True Education" seminars and is penning her next text "At Home with Home Organization"! I want that one too! Thanks, Judy!

-- Product Review by: Renee Ruby, Office Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine