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A-Z Mystery Flags Review by Camilla Anderson

Joy Marie Dunlap and Jennaya Dunlap
LightHome Publications

This downloadable e-book is a penmanship workbook for grades 3-7 that uses the countries of the world for practice. Once you purchase the book, you are able to download it as an Adobe PDF file, which means you must have Acrobat Reader, a free program easily downloaded from the Internet, to open the file. Once purchased, the book's pages may be used for as many children in your family as necessary.

This penmanship workbook covers all the countries of the world, sorted alphabetically. Countries starting with the letter "A" are on the "A" page. The countries are listed above blank lines for penmanship copying. In addition, each page has a "mystery flag" from one of the countries on the page. The flag is outlined in black and white, with detailed instructions given for coloring the flag. After coloring, the student and/or parent can look up the flag to see which country it represents. In addition to the penmanship practice and flag activity on each page, a word finder or word scramble activity is also included for fun. For example, there is space for the student to write--in her best penmanship, of course--how many words she can make out of the word "Ethiopia." Some pages include a penmanship section of "cities of interest" starting with the same letter. At the end of the workbook you will find a country facts page, a word search, a book mark, and an index of the country flags used in the book.

In a word, this product is delightful! This is what I would personally call a "no-brainer." If I were shopping in a convention hall or online and came across this product, I would pick it up without thinking twice. It is useful, creative, simple, and helpful. The graphics are absolutely wonderful, and the pages are beautifully designed. This is the perfect supplement for a geography course, and I started assigning these pages right away as part of my children's geography (3rd and 8th grade). It is also just a great penmanship book on its own.

And it gets better! This company makes these types of workbooks for many more subjects and grade levels. And each one seems more enchanting than the last. Don't believe me? Visit their website and download sample pages to see for yourself. This is one of the finest quality products I have seen, and I am thrilled to have made the discovery!

Product review by Camilla Anderson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2007