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Boy's Passage-Man's Journey Review by Jennifer Golombisky

By: Brian Molitor
Emerald Books
P.O. Box 635
Lynnwood, WA 98046

Boy's Passage-Man's Journey is a fascinating account of one father's efforts to help his sons enter manhood well. Brian Molitor describes the need for a "rite of passage" for our boys, a tradition long practiced in other cultures but largely ignored in our own. He details the events of his own sons' "ceremonies" and gives steps for planning one for your son. This is not a simple party, but a life-changing and affirming time of teaching and empowering the son.

After reading this book, I can see what a positive difference such an event can make and how beneficial it would be for all boys. What to do if your boy isn't ready for such a tradition into Manhood? Not to worry, Molitor gives advice on mentoring, planning, blessing, and other topics to help him grow. There is even a chapter on how to reach and help your Prodigal son. While this book is mainly about boys and their fathers, girls are not ignored. The need for such an experience for daughters is explained and some suggestions are offered, but the focus of this author is on sons.

If all this seems like too much for Dad to handle, don't give up. Brian Molitor has not forgotten fathers and the healing they require in their own lives, as well. He speaks form experience, having spent years helping men overcome obstacles in their past. He has worked with various ministries, including in prisons. This is an excellent book that I highly recommend for all parents, but especially for those who have sons. Please, fathers, read this book for your sons' benefit. It may make a profound impact on their lives.

-- Product Review by Jennifer Golombisky, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine