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52 Weeks of Family Spanish

A Child's First Book of Prayers: An English-Spanish Bible Book

After School Chinese: Mandarin Chinese Language Course

American Sign Language Curriculum Online Textbook

American Sign Language for Kids

American Sign Language for Kids and Adults, Volumes 1 and 2 Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Volumes 1 and 3

Artes Latinae, Level 1 (CDROM Version)

Artes Latinae, Level One (Book Version)

BasiColoRide: Picture Word Recognition BasiColoRide: Alef-Bet

Basics of Biblical Greek, Third Edition

Biblical Hebrew Complete Primer Set

Bilingual Songs: English/Spanish

Boca Beth Spanish/English Language Program (Grande Set)

Bonjour! Let's Learn French with Pete the Pilot and Louis l'escargot

Breaking the French Barrier, Level One

Breaking the Spanish Barrier Online and Breaking the French Barrier Online

Breaking the Spanish Barrier, Level One

CASA Fun Club Spanish

Calico Spanish Stories

Carmenta Online Latin School

Colors Are Forever (coloring book and CD)

Cuc----Te Veo! / Cuc----Te Veo! En la Selva

Daily Grammar Practice en francais

Discover Spanish

Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish Textbooks

EKS Hebrew children's Bible stories: Joseph the Dreamer, Jacob's Travels, Lech Lecha, Noah's Ark, Rebecca, The Tower of Babel, and In the Beginning

Easy Hebrew

El Espanol Facil (The Easy Spanish)

El Pato Paco: A First Look at Spanish

English from the Roots Up, Volumes I and II and Word Cards

English with Abby and Zak

Español para chicos y grandes, 2nd Edition

Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards APPLE APP

Excelerate Spanish

First Form Greek Complete Set

First Form Latin (Complete Set)

First Start French

First Start French Level II

First Year Henle Latin Guide For Units I & II

Foreign Language Units for All Proficiency Levels

French 1 for Christian Schools

French Handwriting Copywork Books

French for Children, Primer A

French for Children, Primer B Set

French in 10 Minutes a Day

Fun & Easy Ways to Learn French

Fun with Español video

Getting Started with Latin: Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age

Getting Started with Spanish: Beginning Spanish for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age

Gracie: A Bilingual Adventure In The Blue Ridge Mountains

Grammar of Grace core curriculum and Foreign Languages CDs

Grammar of Grace core curriculum and Foreign Languages CDs

Greek for Children Primer A (Teacher and Student Books) / Greek Alphabet Code Cracker

Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey

Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Levels 1 – 8

Hey, Andrew! Teach me some Greek! Level Three

How to Learn a Foreign Language

I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel (Quisiera ser fuerte como Manuel) I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie (Quisiera ser tan alto como Willie)

Instant French Vocabulary Builder and Instant Spanish Vocabulary Builder

Instant Spanish Vocabulary Builder with Online Audio and Instant Italian Vocabulary Builder with Online Audio

International Baby 101

Journeys to the East-The River Dragon King

Kids Love Spanish, Volume 1: Basic Words (DVD)

Kids Love Spanish, Volumes 1-7

La Fiesta! DVD

Latin Alive! Book 1 (Textbook, Teacher's Edition, DVD and CD Set)

Latin Playground English & Spanish Activity Kit

Latin Primer I, Student and Teacher's Book

Latin Road to English Grammar, The Volumes I-III

Latin for Children Primer A

Latin for Children Primer A Set

Latin for Children Series: Primer Sets A, B and C

Latin for Children, Mastery Bundle, Primer A

Latin in the Christian Trivium

Latin's Not So Tough

Latin's Not So Tough! Multiple Levels

Latina Christiana I and II

Le Francais Facile! (The Easy French)

Le Francais Facile! The Easy French! (Junior Level)

Learnables Foreign Language, The

Learning in Two Languages CD

Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco DVDs

Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten English/Spanish

Little Pim Colors / Little Pim Feelings

Ludere Latine Book I: Latina Christiana I Latin Games

Ludere Latine I

Ludere Latine I: Latina Christiana I Puzzles and Games

Ludere Latine II

Miss Blanca: Spanish and English Sing and Learn

Music That Teaches French

Musical Spanish

My Baby Can Talk: Sign Language For Babies (DVD set and Book set)

My First Chinese Reader

My First Chinese Words Full Set

Night Sounds (English and Spanish versions)

Nurtured and Nuzzled Criados y Acariciados

Online Spanish Elementary Program for the entire family

Paco and the Giant Chile Plant (Paco y la planta de chile gigante)

Paideia Latina, Level A (Recommended for 4th-6th grades)

Pick Me Up! Fun Songs for Learning Signs

Power Glide

Prima Latina, Introduction to Christian Latin, 2nd Edition

Puertas Abiertas: Open Doors to Spanish

Quick Study Academic Bar Charts

Read Hebrew Now Program

Ready! Set! Sign!

Risas y Sonrisas

Risas y Sonrisas Spanish Program for Kids

Rosetta Stone French Levels 1 & 2 Homeschool Edition

Rosetta Stone Language Library, The

Rosetta Stone Latin, Level I (Homeschool Edition)

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Homeschool Kit, Levels 1 and 2)

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1--Homeschool Version 3

Scholastic Chess Series: Chess Basics, Chess Openings 1, Chess Tactics 1, and Chess Strategies 1 (one book and DVD for each)

Second Form Latin Complete Set

See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish (Level 1)

Sign with Your Baby: Complete Learning Kit

Signing Time! DVDs, Volumes 1-3

Simple Songs That Teach French Sing-A-Long CD and Activity Book

Simple Songs That Teach French Vol. 2 Sing-A-Long CD and Activity Book

Sing and Learn Verbs in Spanish

Slangman Kids Learn Spanish Through Fairy Tales: Cinderella / Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Song School Greek

Song School Latin

Song School Spanish

Spanish 1 Full Year (Deluxe)

Spanish 1a with Phonics (CD-ROM)

Spanish 2

Spanish All Day Program

Spanish For You! Conversaciones Home Use Package for Grades 3-8

Spanish For You! Fiestas Curriculum Package

Spanish Grammar 2 Flipper

Spanish Simplified! A Proven and Practical Approach for Beginners or as a Refresher

Spanish for Children Primer A Program & Primer B Program

Spanish for Kids, Beginner Level I, Volume I

Spanish for Kids: The Seasons DVD

Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day

Spanish in a Basket

Spanish in a Flash Flashcards, Set 1

Speekee Accelerate (Spanish Curriculum)

Speekee Foreign Language Online Program

Stories from Around the World (DVD) / Enchanting Christmas Stories (DVD)

Switched on Schoolhouse Elementary and Secondary Spanish

Teach & Play Tiles: Spanish & English

Teach Me...French Teach Me More...French Teach Me Even More...French

Teach Me...Spanish Teach Me More...Spanish Teach Me Even More...Spanish

Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew

Tell Me More Complete Spanish Course

Tell Me More Foreign Language Premium Homeschool Edition

Tell Me More French (Homeschool Edition)

Tell Me More: French Complete Course

The Aleph Bet Story Workbook, Book, and CD

The Book of Roots: Advanced Vocabulary Building from Latin Roots

The Educator's Spanish Collection (Whistlefritz)

The First Hebrew Primer Set (Student book, Answer book, Audio CD, and Interactive Bible Flashcards) The First Hebrew Reader Set (Hebrew Reader and Audio CD)

The French Collection (Whistlefritz)

The Fun Spanish

The Great Latin Adventure I and II

The Latin Road to English Grammar, Volumes I-III

The Picture Book Dictionary/English~Spanish Edition

Think Spanish

Traditional Latino Kids Songs

Traveling with Anna books (Postcards from New York City / Postcards from Chicago / Postcards from Washington D.C.)


Visual Latin

Visual Latin Complete DVD Set

Visual Link Spanish, Personal Edition

Viva La Musica

Whistlefritz Set: French Lessons

Wordup! The Vocab Show, Volume 1 DVD

¡HOLA! Let's Learn Spanish! (ages 6-10)