Episode 36: Is Internet Learning a Good Thing? What Are My Options?

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Is Internet Learning a Good Thing? Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show sponsored by Homeschool+

Trying to balance online and offline learning in your homeschool? Online learning options are incredibly valuable when implemented properly, and balance is key. In Episode 36 of the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show: Is Internet Learning a Good Thing? Heather discusses this topic with valuable insight from Cailin Sandvig of Homeschool+. Find the show notes on


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In today’s episode, Cailin Sandvig of Homeschool+ shared the benefits of adaptive technology in your homeschool. Curious about what adaptive technology is or how it can enhance your homeschool? Read Cailin Sandvig’s article in the Fall 2023 edition of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for valuable insight.

Advancing Home Education with Adaptive Technology 

Cailin Sandvig has spent her career working to advance quality resources for homeschool children and home educators. At Age of Learning, she has helped shape the company’s homeschool program, Homeschool+, as a curriculum that meets the unique needs of homeschool families.

“We are currently living in incredible times where technology can support education in general and home education specifically like never before.” —Cailin Sandvig

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“Education is changing. Homeschooling is changing. The digital options are absolutely a positive resource that can help families.” —Heather Vogler

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