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This week on “The Homeschooling Network” Television Channel on ROKU!

When we began the “Homeschooling Network” it started as a dream. Have you ever gotten a great idea in your head, that you just could not shake? That is exactly how we felt when the ideas of starting a homeschool television station popping in my families’ heads!  What could we broadcast, we wondered?
How could we do this? We are just a little “mom and pop” operation working out of our kitchen table. But God provided everything! Step by step, hurdle by hurdle, we taught ourselves how to make an amazing ROKU channel!  We now have thousands of members, as I like to call them, who get encouragement from our channel each week!
My favorite are the hands-on broadcasts from real live homeschool parents that have a heart to teach YOUR kids and MINE!
Blowing up volcanoes, making a Greek Feast, and discovering a Biblical Feast is my cup of tea!
We also have popular creationist programming, tech classes, shows of helping the single mom homeschool parents and support for special needs. The Lord has provided abundantly!
In fact, ROKU just featured our “Homeschooling Network” on their official blog!  Here is the link to the article!
Doug Craig of ROKU kindly wrote on Sept. 9, 2014:
The Internet has transformed TV and it has made a profound impact on our lives. Today we have access to an unlimited amount of content – content we choose and connect with. There are channels on TV that would have otherwise never had a path to the TV without the power of the Internet and the advent of streaming. The Autism ChannelDiabetic Living and Homeschooling Network have more deeply connected communities with these advances.”
(bold and underline mine)
To know we are connecting families to good, wholesome, Godly, programming bring tears to my eyes!
Thank you for making us a part of your home!
The “Homeschooling Network” seeks to supplement your homeschool day with hands-on fun and inspiration! Click below:

Simply “add” “The Homeschooling Network” in the Kids & Family Category of the ROKU Channel Store!


It is only 99 cents and you will see scores and scores of videos by Homeschoolers like you and designed for YOUR FAMILY!

So tell us, DO YOU ROKU?

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evonne mandella

Evonne Mandella is a homeschooling mother and the

Creator of the Homeschooling Network on ROKU.

She is a Schoolhouse Teacher of Video Creation with the Old Schoolhouse Magazine ®. Checkout the new Homeschooling Network on ROKU and visit or

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