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One size doesn’t fit all. Parents know that. Children are individuals. Their personalities are evident and shine through—often right from the start. Each boy or girl comes with a unique nature and learning style. What worked for the oldest child may not work for the next. Spelling curriculum that worked for one child isn’t a fit for their sibling. The math program one student aced may challenge another. A cookie cutter approach to learning, where each child is taught the same way with the same curriculum, neglects learning styles and personalities. Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen, not the classroom.

That’s why offers hundreds of courses—over 400, in fact—for parents to choose from. Choice is one of many benefits of membership. “Parents know their children best. They care and want successful education more than anyone does,” said Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. “Keep the cookie cutters for Christmas. Keep your children learning by choosing curriculum to meet their specific needs. That’s effective education.”

Parents will find choices in homeschool courses, including electives, available for every grade—preschool through high school—in a variety of styles and formats at There are more benefits, too. Membership offers self-paced learning with unlimited flexibility that supports every child. There are no books to buy. If a course isn’t working for a particular child, another course may replace it at any time. Curriculum, tests, quizzes, answer keys, lesson plans, and streaming videos are all in one place at Fresh content is added every month. One membership covers curriculum for the whole family with unlimited access to all courses on the site.

Parents and families are unique, too. That’s why resources that benefit parents are included in membership: chat and phone assistance, specific high school help, special needs support, an online community, tutorials, an eBook library, and tools for homeschool planning, recordkeeping, and organization, like the Schoolhouse SmartMamaTM Planner. Grade-level scope-and-sequence suggestions are available. And with access to years of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine digital back issues as well as a quarterly print subscription, parents find as much support and encouragement as they desire.

“Caring parents who know their unique children and make individualized educational choices that fit—that’s a recipe for success,” added Suarez. “Intrigued? Check out to see how membership in our caring community can benefit your family’s home education.”

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The Old Schoolhouse® ( is a privately held corporation that publishes the industry-leading homeschool education print magazine, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, as well as hundreds of books and planning support tools for homeschooling families., a division of The Old Schoolhouse®, supports over 9,000 member families with more than 450 courses for preschool through high school, as well as educational videos, World Book Online, transcripts, report cards, planning tools, and recordkeeping. Established in 2001, The Old Schoolhouse® is focused on providing high-quality, encouraging, affordable solutions for homeschooling families.

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