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This week on “The Homeschooling Network” Television Channel on ROKU!
Is your homeschool salty? Salt can be either a good thing or bad thing when we speak Biblically. We are told to be the salt of the earth in the Scriptures, that is a good thing! Salt speaks of covenants as well. In our Congregation we dip our challah (egg bread) into salt to make covenant with each other to only speak kind words of one another. Also we remember in this place we are worshipping we are saying we are under Adonai’s protection. Some of the children make me giggle because they take EXTRA salt on their challah, “to be extra good.” Perhaps, some of us, grownups, should follow their lead, lol.
This week on the ROKU Homeschooling Network we are studying a different kind of salt in a super fun way!
Susan Evans of Hands-On Learning broadcasts a wonderful video that teaches model of Lot’s wife becoming a pillar of salt! Checkout her site for great resources!
This is what homeschool is all about guys! Learning the Bible in fun and sticky ways! I say sticky because Susan covers dollar store dolls with glue and salt! That’s sticky!
I also stay sticky because this is NOT something your children will soon forget.
What was Lot’s wife’s problem? She looked back. Isn’t that what we do. God frees from things holding us back, our negativity, pressuring our children to conform, we are released in His Truth . . . and what do we do, we look back.
Hey, I don’t want to be a pillar of salt, do you? Stuck in my old ways! Especially not in the video this week, as Susan makes a fake lightning rod and the kids try to knock down Mrs. Lot’s wife!
I want my homeschool to be salty! I want Adonai’s protection, Jesus’ Salt, sprinkled with love, faith, and purpose on my children.
Don’t you? Sisters, let’s walk in freedom and have true positive salt in our homeschool this week . . . oh, and not look back to what was before!

Would you like to see step by step how to make a model of Lot’s wife as well?

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