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The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is recognized as THE trade magazine for homeschool families (with over 35% of homeschooling families subscribing). It has been serving the homeschool community for over 20 years and reaches an estimated 2.1 million viewers. Homeschooling families only look to a few places before making a purchase. (Many only subscribe to one or two magazines.) IF YOU WANT TO BE SEEN, you need your ads in front of The Old Schoolhouse® audience!

Where Families Turn to Learn About Homeschooling Curriculum and eTools

  • The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is a Trusted Resource to Homeschool Families. (Over 96% of survey respondents agree that ads in The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine are trustworthy.)
  • Ads Placed in the Magazine Will be Viewed Again and Again. (Over 50% view the magazine as a collectable reference resource.)
  • Crew Review Ad Packages Offer a Unique and Critical Service for Companies Who Want to Sell to Homeschool Families. (Over 97% of homeschooling parents read product reviews and 99% refer to reviews for curriculum-purchasing decisions.)

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is more than just a magazine. Each issue is a
collectable resource that families use again and again and share with their friends.

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is . . .

  • Recognized as a critical resource for new homeschoolers. (47% of people who share their magazines, give their magazines to families who are thinking about homeschooling.)
  • Viewed as a valuable resource by libraries and churches who serve homeschooling families. (9% share their magazines with their library or church.)
  • Seen by readers as an indispensable resource for any homeschooling family. (44% share with other homeschooling families.)

Advertising with The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine continues
to draw sales and traffic long after your ad is placed.

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Stats listed on this page were all taken from the 2021 Homeschool Market Survey Report conducted and published by
The Old Schoolhouse
®. Interested in more statistics and trends of the homeschool marketing including product feature and pricing requirements to optimize sales? See the first post-pandemic market survey report of homeschooling families here.