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According to Merriam-Webster, treasure is defined as wealth of any kind or any form; something of great worth or value; or a collection of precious things. God has given us treasures in the form of money, our country, and our planet. has courses that help us cherish these treasures. Teaching Your Children Financial Stewardship is a RightNow Media Originals course that helps parents share Biblical strategies concerning handling money with their families. Whether children are young kids or teenagers, there are important concepts about finances and stewardship they need to understand. This hour-long series includes over 20 video clips that help parents address the following topics: Teach Your Teen About Stewardship, A Steward of True Riches, Teach Your Kids Financial Wisdom, When God Gives Us Money, Teaching Students to Surrender Priorities, and A Financial Secret. Stewardship of God’s Earth is a course for students of all ages that introduces them to some of the basics of being good stewards of our natural resources. Topics such as compost, earthworms, repurposing, recycling, and personal stewardship are discussed.

American Government with Michelle Subbert is an 18-week course for middle and high school students that traces the development of the nation’s federal government from its creation to present day. It explores the three branches of government, key Supreme Court rulings, the role of state and local governments, the duties of a citizen, the history of political parties and elections, and concludes with a look at the history of several key presidents and a research project for students to complete. American Literature is a special treasure in that it deals with our country and introduces high school students to people, places, and literary works of the 1600s-1800s. It begins with the colonial period and moves through the American Revolution, the era of national expansion, and the Concord writers. You will find many treasures on, but above all, cherish the treasure that is your family and the opportunity you have to homeschool.


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