The school year is about over for most homeschool families. And there are already plans being made for next year. With all of the craziness that goes along with choosing new curriculum and what works well for each child, you and I can finally find some relief. The Build your Bundle Homeschool Sale

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Puertas Abiertas Kit (DVD): Level 1 Learn Spanish through this natural approach to language learning, focusing on visual and aural input instead of traditional grammar-based methods. Puertas Abiertas offers children and adults a fun and productive way to begin communicating in Spanish. Kit includes a Student Workbook, a Facilitator’s Guide, five DVDs (over six hours

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How would YOU like to win a microscope?

  For the month of October, you and your friends can enter to win a microscope from Microscopes and More ($495 Retail value) !  To enter, just find the answers to our 5 science questions, fill them in on our entry form, and submit. You will find the answers in the science section of,

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Sarah and David LLC. Read Hebrew Now For beginners of all ages.  Big print, colorful pictures and audio support help students and teachers alike.  See product review. Product Value – $115               Plushkies Set 1: USA Plushky (Katie) + Plushkies Book.  • Set 2: Mexico Plushky (Pepe) +

Win a Kindle Fire

Here’s YOUR chance to win a new Kindle Fire!  If you use and enjoy, then we’d like your help spreading the word about and what a terrific resource it is for homeschool families.  Who better to spread the word than our own loyal users?  And when you do, you’ll be entered to win a

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Kindergarten Complete Semester One Teacher’s Manual with Student Workbook All daily lesson plans and student worksheets are included in a sturdy three-ring binder. The detailed lesson plans in this book cover all subject areas (Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Development, Fitness, Fine Arts, Character Development, and Bible) and are created around thematic units

March Blog Giveaway Basket

Fling A Ring Fling A Ring Fling A Ring is the “Ultimate Outdoor Game”.  It is a cross between horseshoes and disc golf.  The patented discs have locking features that hook onto opposite posts for various point scoring, 4,3,2, and 1 point.  The 1st team to 21 wins.  It is safe, flexible and sets up

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