Improving Communication

  The English language has changed drastically over the centuries. What used to be communicated through inflection is now communicated through word order. So, in order to communicate effectively, we must understand the rules of grammar. Now ninth graders can enjoy a grammar lesson each day through Daily Grammar 9th grade. Students will work with

They’re Really Adding Up!

  The new courses just keep coming, and they’re really adding up! We now have over 160 courses on Two of our newest are Beginning Handwriting and Hands-On Math Help with Cuisenaire Rods. Beginning Handwriting is a 27-week course for children in preschool and kindergarten. Annette Breedlove provides three printable lessons each week in

Creating Something from Nothing

  Have you ever painted something or sculpted something from clay? That blank canvas offers a wealth of possibilities. That lump of clay can become anything you can imagine. In Everyday Easels, students of all ages have the opportunity to study more than 75 pieces of art—paintings, drawings, sculptures, monuments, and more—all of which began

How would YOU like to win a microscope?

  For the month of October, you and your friends can enter to win a microscope from Microscopes and More ($495 Retail value) !  To enter, just find the answers to our 5 science questions, fill them in on our entry form, and submit. You will find the answers in the science section of,

Teaching the Littles

  Preschool is a great age. What fun they can have while they learn! The lessons in Pre-K Activities: Read and Play with Sarah Gilbert and Wendy Woerner revolve around stories. After reading each story, you and your preschooler can try the fun activities suggested. These activities can help your child gain a deeper understanding
Are there creative ways to teach math and science? Are there creative ways to teach math and science? The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is YOUR trade magazine for family education. Stay subscribed to this newsletter because this is the place where we give FREE education gifts on a regular basis. Read the magazine anytime, 24/7,

A Sign of the Times

  Two groups in America are growing: those who use American Sign Language and those who are learning English as their second language. American Sign Language with Sandra Heflin provides a beginning vocabulary of approximately 350 basic signs, the manual alphabet, grammar, and a basic understanding of the Deaf Community and culture. Students will learn

Preparing for an Adventure

  Preschoolers can continue their Bible learning in a fun and exciting way through Preparing a Preschooler’s Heart is a video collection of more than eighty episodes that feature friends from over a dozen children’s series, such as Really Woolly Kids, the Adventures of Donkey Ollie, Monster Truck Adventures, and Auto-B-Good. These episodes will

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