ST-new-160 has three extremely practical ways to reduce your stress. Everyday Organization with Leslie Jacobs under the Dailies tab provides regular tips for reducing the clutter in your home and organizing your life. Follow her guidance for creating that perfect office or closet space or be encouraged by her advice to involve your children in
Have you ever dreamt a fantastic dream of what you were going to be when you grew up? Like many children I imagined myself in all sorts of grownup roles . . . but never in a million years would I have imagined myself where I am today!   As of today, I am a
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  Click on the Article Below to Read   Article Spotlight~ *Adoption is the birthing of a child into a family from the heart instead of the womb. *What happens when our child pushes us away? *Hearts can easily be turned to stone. *Each day you must suit up with the armor of God. *Discover

Your Powerful Voice

Do your children ever wonder how they can help the needy? Do they talk about the problems in the world and wish they could help? Learn about Social Justice with Kurt Hoffman. He discusses the issue of modern-day slavery and explores the changes we are able to make in ourselves and the world. Asia: Safari

Simplify Your Homeschool

By Karen DeBeus Simplify. It’s a buzz word these days. In a world full of noise, clutter, and distraction so many of us are yearning for simplicity. I have been on the quest for simplicity for several years now, weeding out the extras to ease the burden of abundance.  Yet, surprisingly what I have found

This is the Day

With another Homeschool Minute from The Homeschool Channel, here is Gena Suarez, Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.   This is the day that…   Just click the play button to listen. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]
  Click on the Article Below to Read   Article Spotlight~ *Do you have an adoption story? *My parents didn’t have me, they chose me! *I was born by the will of God. *God is faithful! *No matter what, you are a child of the King!                  

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