turn one children's book into an entire unit study
  Tops and Bottoms (a Caldecott Honor Book) by Janet Stevens is one of our favorite picture books. At first glance, one could wonder if the book is appropriate for Christian homeschoolers. After all, the main character in the story succeeds by being deceitful. However, the book can be used to teach many positive concepts.
bring the fun back into your homeschool
  Sometimes we get so caught up in the check lists, requirements, and outside pressures of homeschooling that we forget that this can really be a great adventure and lots of fun if we approach it that way. If you are finding yourself in a rut in your homeschool here are some ideas to shake
music will enhance your homeschool
  I grew up in a musical home. My father was in a top 40s band, The Knight Kats (isn’t that so clever?!), and my mother sang in the band and in choir at church. Music was just what happened in our home; it wasn’t forced upon my sister and I. It became my favorite
make history boring
  “I liked about every subject, except history.” Shock followed by sadness swept over me when a friend shared this fact about her childhood education. Since treasuring stories of yore was a natural pastime during my childhood, it was news that anyone – let alone a child – would not like history. Which in turn

Do You Need A Homeschool Redo?

Replan And Start Over Again
  You know who you are. You started your school year with every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. You spent productive days during the summer weeding through every nook and cranny of your house. You set aside planning days for your homeschool, armed with decorated planning journals, washi tape and sparkly pens. On the

Preparing to Travel

long car trip
  Can children still travel long distances without electronics? After traveling 14 hours to Florida for our last vacation in one day and about 24 hours back with the “Exodus out of Florida” over two days, I can now say… “most of the time”. “Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” “I’m bored!” These are

It’s All About the Heart

  As I sat and watched my 10-year-old daughter draw this beautiful little masterpiece pictured above, I began to think about her little heart. It is so tender and open to learn whatever my husband and I teach her. That is a HUGE responsibility. She takes to heart anything we say or do. She follows

I “Quit” School!

at home
  Last week we quit. Everything. All of our clubs and co-op’s. We just quit. You must think I am crazy. I think I am …Just a bit, if I can be honest. I mulled over it quite a bit. I asked my husband what I should do… He was very supportive of whatever I

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