The Resurrection Is No Joke

easter on april fools day
  April Fool’s Day is always on the first of April. People like to play practical jokes on others and do other funny things. I have never really participated in all of the jokes and silly things that take place this day. That day could come and go, and I wouldn’t think much about it.

Planning to Finish Strong

fall behind schedule
  As spring sets in, thoughts about finishing the school year may surface. This is a great time to refocus and look toward the finish. This may be a source of excitement or stress. Are you on track? Are you frustrated with the school year? Recently, I was feeling stressed because we had fallen behind


  It’s about that time of year again. Homeschooling mamas everywhere are about to get panicky. Some of us can see the finish line to the end of the homeschool year, and it’s not looking too promising. Johnny’s still two grades behind in reading and at this rate, we are NEVER getting through that science

Learning Through Nature

  My favorite time of year is almost here. We’ve had warm weather this week, and it makes me look forward to springtime even more. With warm weather come lots of adventures outside exploring. In spring, everywhere we look shows forth new life. The flowers start showing forth their beauty. New leaves begin to cover
   If you’re a busy homeschool mom, you’ll want to check out Kirkwood Education Online. This affordable Christian online curriculum equips homeschool families with the tools of success. Children learn at their own pace with engaging online lessons, while parents appreciate the automatic scoring and student records. It is easy to set up, easy
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, We’re past the weekend, and it’s time to nestle into the school week . . . and work hard. Work hard. Really? You know, Mama, it’s OK to take an extended break sometimes. If Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday needs to be a day off, too, do it. Play games, spend time reading
sarah davidson
  As a homeschool parent and teacher, I have lost count of the number of people who have told me that they or their child hates math. This often leads to a weird fascination with the fact that I LOVE math. A math teacher that loves math, who knew!? I have no idea where this
  There are days I don’t want to get up early and start school. There are nights I don’t want to sit down and prep for the next week or even the next day. It’s these days that are mixed with part chronic pain and fatigue and part laziness. How do we overcome our reluctance

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