Lessons from Mary

lessons we can learn from mary
  As I write this, my cheerful baby gurgles in her bouncer. Hannah Grace is two months old and a sweet joy to our entire family, especially my seven-year-old daughter. Naomi holds her, touching her nose to little Hannah’s and whispering in a soft song-like hush, “I’ll push you in the tire swing, and we’ll

Keeping Your Focus On Christ

time spent in prayer
  Life brings a host of difficulties and trying times, and even in days of calm, we tend toward busyness. Daily, we navigate the challenges, and in the process, we are apt to lose focus on the things that are most important to us—especially the One who is our everything. Charles Spurgeon penned a few

The Treasure in Front of Us

homeschooling advice
  There it was, right in front of me—the blinking cursor over the message that I was no longer welcome on my homeschool support website. I had homeschooled my two children for a total of 18 years and had been active on the board for nearly five years. I had been a mentor mom for

Keeping it Simple

homeschool curriculum
  Through the years, I have found that the way I approach choosing curriculum has changed. When my children were young, I used a thematic unit study approach to teach most of their subjects. It required some research on my part, but it was a simple strategy. It provided for many opportunities to expand on

Little Man, Be Strong

  “Make our baby strong in you, Lord.” This was the prayer of Daniel’s father and mother for their new little son. In a world full of instant gratification, flavors and comforts literally only a click away, they were at a loss how to instill a neglected, yet priceless quality in their baby boy: strength

Festivals of Light

christmas lights
  Darkness I’ve spent most of my life near or north of the 45°N parallel. Living in such climes, I’ve experienced my fair share of headlight guided trips to church and such. Thank God for homeschooling, which allows the kids and me to wait until dawn to arise; otherwise, we would need a house full

Seven Reasons We Keep Homeschooling

decide to homeschool
  Every family has a tipping point, something that makes them decide to homeschool. But the most important question is why we continue. Here are the top seven reasons we KEEP homeschooling: 1. Total freedom from schedules. We really can take family vacations whenever we want. We can go places when the lines are short,

Hey Mama Monday

Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, John 14:27 speaks of peace. Christ gives us peace – not the kind the world has to offer, but something far better, much stronger. Did you know His ways are higher than ours? We think we see everything that is before us, but He knows what is around the next corner. If

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