Artist Moms

artistic pursuits
  For all those “Artists Masquerading as Moms”: Has your artistic side been lost in the shuffle? Have you allocated the “artist in you” to the back burner in order to accomplish your daily duties? Over our many years of homeschooling, I have created courses to stimulate my mind with the arts while supporting my

Photo Bookmark Gifts

bookmark craft
  As the holiday season is upon us, my kids are anxious to make crafts and homemade gifts. They put a great deal of thought into the interests of each family member when considering gift giving. Photo bookmarks are fun to make and always a big hit. Taking creative pictures is the first step in

Molly Green Liquidation Sale

molly green
    We have too much stuff and we would like for you to have some of the goods! We are having a liquidation sale for Molly Green products and you will not believe all of the amazing items we are offering. For only $39, you will be getting $546 worth of goodies. You get

Maintaining a School Routine before Christmas

homeschool routine
  The homeschool community is a diverse group. With all of the possible approaches, from classical education to unschooling, and the freedom to make your own schedule, school often looks very different for one family than it does for another. The beauty of that is the ability to find what works for you, and that

We Must Choose Joy

choose to be joyful
  “You look mad. All the time. I know you’re not, but you look like you are.” “You’re pretty when you smile, Mama; smile more!” “Look—my face is mad—like Mama’s.” Am I really an angry person? I tend to think of myself as serious, deep and thoughtful. . . . I mean, I homeschool four
focus on what matters
  Homeschooling during the holidays can seem like a monumental task for many families. Tasks like decorations, gifts, activities, and preparing meals can be stressful and overwhelming. Yet, you don’t need to get wrapped up in the materialism of the world. Instead, remember the REAL reason for the season! There are SO many creative ways
social opportunities
  By Mindy LeBel           Growing up in a small town I was very impressed with the amount of activities there are for children and homeschooling families. With Tuesday swim lessons (Port Hope), library Wednesdays (Cobourg), Forest Friends Thursdays (Welcome) and sport day Fridays (Baltimore), there are lots of opportunities for
homeschool book and movie club
  One of my favorite parts of homeschooling my girls has been participating in the monthly book and movie club. I love the opportunity to share my love of reading, and of course the camaraderie between many families in our area is a bonus. Read, Watch, Talk – Book and Movie Club has been successful

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