Why Mother’s Day Matters

mother's day
  Dear Mom, back on the 13th of this month the US celebrated Mother’s Day. Maybe you woke up to a breakfast of peanut butter toast and orange juice prepared by your child. Or maybe you received a hand-made card with scribbles on it from your toddler. Maybe, just maybe, you were a little disappointed

Letting Go of Fear

  As the school year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on the overall health of your homeschool. How are you doing? How are your kids doing? It’s also a good time to think about the decisions that you’ve made this year. How many of those decisions were made out of fear? It’s

State History by A Helping Hand

state history
   Study YOUR state–we have all 50! State History from a Christian Perspective (Grades 3-12) Complete state history course on your state, including text, maps, color state symbol pictures, quizzes, tests, lesson plans, answer key, state constitution study guide Students use our text material to construct project notebook either in their own three-ring binder
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, You have too much on your plate. That’s why all this chaos continues. Good news is you are in control to make some smart changes. Get with the hubby and kids – remove some of this extra stuff and lighten your load. Most of the time, we take on more than we

Happy Mother’s Day

purpose of a mother
  This was a day in my life near Mother’s Day just a few years back: I have a splitting headache yet I have three sick children to care for. I have a child who is not cooperating that I have to deal with. I have a toddler who wants me to play baseball and

Motherhood Comes Full Circle

  In early March of this year, I sat by my Mom’s bedside for a little over 38 hours. During that time, I put water in her mouth, drops in her eyes, held her hand and talked to her. I prayed, asking God for a peaceful transition, and for the strength to get through what
outdoor education
  I grew up in a large city. Swapping childhood stories with my husband, he was appalled when I explained that recess at the schools I attended meant being released to an enclosed, asphalt yard. I counted myself lucky that I actually had a backyard at home with trees and flowers. Most of my friends

The PEARL: Part 2 – Eating Together

how homeschoolers can evangelize
  Eating is possibly one of the greatest American pastimes. We have cooking shows, cooking blogs, and cooking websites. Our towns are filled with restaurants, coffee shops, and ice cream parlors. There are health food stores, international food stores, and bulk food stores. If you want to eat, you can order in, eat out or

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