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Traveling affords us the opportunity to appreciate different cultures and meet interesting people. Most of us, however, aren’t able to afford to travel to distant lands. That’s where can help. We can take you on a virtual tour to visit those places you may have only dreamed about visiting, and we can teach you a little something along the way. Consider us your virtual tour guide. Travel to South Africa with Elna Venter as she teaches us about South African art in Art Appreciation: South African Art. Geared toward elementary and middle school children, these 18 lessons focus on eighteen South African artists from the 19th-21st centuries. It begins by asking, “How do we look at art?” then goes on to explore the language and elements of art such as line, shape, mass, light, shade, space, texture, and color, as well as aspects of composition such as rhythm, focal points, and balance. In Asia: Trade Route Safari Bonnie Rose Hudson provides an inside look at more than two dozen Asian countries by giving an overview of the history of each country and introducing us to native animals. We can meet the people and gain an understanding of the country’s openness to Christianity. Students in elementary and middle school can also incorporate science, spelling, writing, history, and other subjects while exploring each country.


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