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Two topics that stir up quite a bit of emotion are values and rights. When we see things happening in the world, we wonder what values people have, and we hold fast to our rights. Two courses on discuss these two topics. Christian Values in J.R.R. Tolkien with Steven Hake is an 18-week course for juniors and seniors. Printable lessons can be completed each week or every two weeks. Dr. Hake will be focusing on Christian values in the Lord of the Rings series, The Hobbit; and Silmarillion. They will also learn more about Tolkien through a biography written by Humphrey Carpenter. Students wishing to obtain academic credit will be required to complete journal entries, two short papers, and one 10- to 12-page final paper. This course is worth between one-half and one whole credit, depending on hours spent on assignments. Kevin Mark Smith, Esq., teaches Constitution and Bill of Rights. High school students can analyze and study things such as executive orders and regulations, taxes, where our rights come from, and more. Prompts for independent study, term paper assignments, and exams are included in the 16 lessons which can be completed weekly or every two weeks. The Teacher’s Handbook includes exams, answer keys, and teacher helps.


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